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Elevate your Cannaflower™ experience and explore the innovation and latest news in the hemp industry. We showcase CBD culture, cultivation, and recent developments within cannabis trends for our discerning audience.

Strains for Anxiety
Cannabis Plant
Liz G.

The Best CBD Strains for Anxiety

With anxiety peaking for many individuals, learn how high-CBD hemp flowers may assist in promoting relaxation and in coping with stress. Discover how the bliss molecule relates to cannabis and how people are finding ways to sleep well, feel calm, and smile more.

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CBD Benefits
CBD History
Liz G.

5 Uses of Hemp We Have Forgotten About

Discover the forgotten treasures of the cannabis plant. Join the hemp renaissance and explore the many uses in smokable CBD. In this article, we explore ancient texts, stunning inventions, and pharmaceutical developments to reveal how hemp has revolutionized our lives.

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Cannaflower sleep
CBD Products
Liz G.

CBD For Sleep – Five Reasons Smoking CBD Flower Might Soothe Insomnia

As more people struggle to get the recommended seven hours of shuteye, it’s no surprise CBD for sleep has been trending on social media. Interestingly, about 10 percent of people who try CBD claim they use it primarily for better sleep. If you are interested in better quality sleep, discover the five reasons why CBD may bring you some sweet dreams.

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Indoor Hemp
CBD Cultivation
Liz G.

The Rise of Indoor Hemp Cultivation

At the top of the cannabis world stands indoor-grown flower.
Indoor CBD hemp has quickly become a synonym for any ultra-premium, top-of-the-line flower. In this blog post we will investigate the differences in styles of cultivation, and learn what has led to indoor hemp cultivation becoming the preferred growing methodology for hemp flower connoisseurs.

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Cannabinoid Revolution Featured
Liz G.

Beyond THC: The Alternative Cannabinoid Revolution

Today, with cannabis laws gradually relaxing, innovative artisanal cultivars abound. Between the passing of the 2018 United States Farm Bill and scientific exploration of alternative cannabinoids, cannabis cultivation is experiencing a revolution—beyond THC.

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