California has given the world many legendary cannabis strains, but Cookies may be the Golden State’s most influential hybrid. Better known as “Girl Scout Cookies” or “GSC,” Cookies is one of the few cannabis cultivars to spawn a lineage and a globally-recognized brand. 

As more cannabis breeders use Cookies seeds as a starting base, it’s getting increasingly difficult to find new hybrids without a touch of GSC’s genotype. Indeed, the bulk of “sweet strains” coming out of the West Coast rely heavily on the Cookies hybrid for their flavor and effects. 

So, what makes the Cookies strain such a significant force in contemporary cannabis culture? Also, is the Cookies cultivar a good option for first-time consumers?

Cookies Cannabis Strain Key Facts 

  • Combination of OG Kush and Durban Poison
  • Created at San Francisco’s Cookies Fam
  • 60/40 indica-to-sativa ratio 
  • Average THC of 25%
  • Average CBD of ≤ 1 %
  • Typical terpenes: Myrcene, linalool, and alpha-pinene
Cookies Cannabis Overview

Cookies Cannabis Strain Overview

There’s still some debate over which strains went into the original Cookies hybrid, but most accounts suggest OG Kush and Durban Poison play the most significant role in this strain. There may also be traces of the indica-heavy Granddaddy Purps, which helps account for Cookies’ indica-leaning genotype. Typically, the Cookies strain has a 60% indica content, and many people describe this strain as having the deeply relaxing qualities associated with indicas.

Whether Cookies has a pinch of Granddaddy Purps or not, there’s no doubt this strain originated in sunny California. Specifically, Cookies first emerged in the San Francisco Bay Area at a seed bank now called “Cookies Fam.” All reports indicate the rapper Berner was most responsible for developing and promoting Cookies in its early days. Indeed, Berner’s role was so profound that you might find this hybrid labeled “Berner’s Cookies” at a few dispensaries. 

When Cookies first crashed on the California cannabis scene, it caused controversy due to its direct reference to “Girl Scout Cookies.” To avoid legal challenges from the Girl Scouts of America, cannabis breeders, and dispensaries now favor using titles like “GSC” or plain old “Cookies” to avoid copyright complications. Remember that GSC is notorious for its high average THC levels of roughly 25% and virtually non-existent CBD percentage. Anyone new to cannabis or with a low resistance to THC should start with high-CBD hemp hybrids like those on Cannaflower. Since CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, there’s minimal risk of adverse side effects with hemp renditions of strains like Cookies.

Cookies Cannabis Taste

What Does The Cookies Strain Taste Like? 

New GSC smokers shouldn’t expect this strain to taste like a chocolate chip cookie. Sure, this strain has sweet terpenes, but weed’s woodsy and earthy notes tend to predominate. Many people who enjoy Cookies buds report an interesting mix of aromatics like pine, nuts, and dough. Fruity flavors like cherry and even a hint of lemon aren’t unheard of, but they tend to play a supporting role in the Cookies strain. Also, don’t forget that GSC is in the Kush family, which means it has the “hashy” and spicy notes often associated with this lineage.

Cookies Cannabis elements

What Effects Does The Cookies Strain Have? 

On paper, Cookies is a well-balanced hybrid with a slight edge on the indica side. In practice, however, most people who smoke Cookies report a strong indica profile with deeply soothing properties. Although people may experience a head buzz and giggles with GSC nugs, it’s more common for this strain to induce couchlock lethargy, muscle relaxation, and sedation. As GSC’s high wears on, it’s most likely tokers will feel immobilized and “tuckered out.” For this reason, it’s best to reserve the Cookies strain for late-day use when users have accomplished all of their “must-do” tasks. 

GSC isn’t a great option for people looking for an energy boost or extra sociability in a wild party setting. While a small dose of GSC may help some people lose their inhibitions in intimate gatherings, it’s not a fantastic option when people need to “get things done.”


Cookies Cannabis relax

Does The Cookies Strain Have Side Effects? 

The Cookies cannabis strain tends to have a high THC percentage with almost no CBD to counter THC’s effects. As the primary psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis, THC will induce an altered mental state some people don’t enjoy. Although some people find THC’s effects relaxing, others experience intense paranoia after ingesting even a tiny amount of THC. Researchers are still trying to understand how THC affects different users, but some believe genetics may predispose some people to THC’s negative effects. 

Typically, people who are new to cannabis or who have a pre-existing anxiety condition have the highest risk of having a bad experience with THC strains like Cookies. On the flipside, many studies suggest CBD-rich products help people naturally reduce anxiety without a “high” sensation. Apparently, CBD may help increase natural “feel good” compounds like anandamide, which in turn helps decrease issues like social anxiety disorder. People interested in trying CBD-rich alternatives to cannabis should check out Cannaflower’s portfolio of hemp hybrids. All of the strains on Cannaflower’s website have ≤ 0.3% delta-9 THC, making them a perfect option for customers new to the cannabis industry.