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Our products contain < 0.3% Δ9-THC

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The company that started as Berkshire CBD three years ago has evolved into Cannaflower™. While, the roots of our company culture remain steeped in cultivating premium artisan flower and providing an excellent customer experience to everyone we serve, our new namesake allows us to represent the full spectrum of the very best low THC cannabis flower products. 

All of the best things in life begin with Cannaflower™. The signature style and craftsmanship transform ordinary moments into extraordinary ones, so that every day feels like a special occasion.

Through Cannaflower™ cultivation and artisan trimming, we deliver products that shine with the highest standards in modern CBD luxury. Our excellence in farming, product design, packaging is currently celebrated throughout the United States.
Experience Cannaflower™ through our selection of ultra-premium CBD hemp flower products. Our menu is celebrated for its quality, style, and convenience. Enjoy the luxury of tailored Cannaflower™ Sungrown Flower, Cannaflower™ Indoor Flower, and Cannaflower™ pre-roll tins.
Cannaflower™ collectively represents over 100 years of combined commitment and experience in cultivating hemp flower. Today, more than 300 stores serve customers throughout the United States with our Cannaflower™ products. 
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