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FREE shipping with $50 purchase!

FREE shipping with $50 purchase!

Cannaflower Reward's Program FAQs

How do I start with Cannaflower Rewards?

Starting is easy! Just click the “Create An Account” button to get started. This will register you for Cannaflower Rewards.

How do I earn points?

We’ve created many ways for you to start earning points! Being a part of the Cannaflower community is the easiest way to get points. Learn more by looking above at “Ways to Earn Points.”

How do I check how many Cannaflower points I have?

You can check your Cannaflower points balance by logging in to your account. They will also appear automatically when you checkout. If you have questions about your balance, feel free to contact us by emailing: [email protected] 

What do I do to redeem my Cannaflower points?

Redeeming your Cannaflower points is the best part!
When you proceed to checkout, just click on the point section. Here, you’ll be able to check your balance and choose how many points you would like to use towards your purchase!

I'm close to earning one of my rewards. Can I just buy more points?

That’s wonderful that you are so close! The easiest way to get those extra points is through a purchase from our menu, referring a friend, or following Cannaflower on our social media.


Do points expire?

If a customer is inactive for one year, points do expire. The easiest way to keep an account active would be to redeem a small amount of points for a free product. Pre-rolls are perfect for this!

Does it take a long time for my Cannaflower points to post to my account?

Your Cannaflower points will post instantly on your registration. As we have to verify some of the other actions for points, such as points per purchase, referring a friend, and social media follows, these may take a little longer to process before they show up in your account.

How do I leave a review to earn Cannaflower points?

Once you’ve made a purchase, you will receive an email that will walk you through how to leave a review. Reviews must be submitted through our review request email to be eligible for Cannaflower points.

My friend just sent me a referral coupon. How do I use it?

Welcome to Cannaflower Rewards!
You can use your coupon and start earning more points through your first purchase. If you’ve already made a purchase with Cannaflower, you cannot use a referral coupon but can instead collect discounts through our Rewards program!

I referred 10 of my friends to Cannaflower Rewards. When will I see my referral points?

What a great network of friends you have! Once each of your friends make their qualifying purchase, you’ll be awarded your points for each referral. We will send you an email when that happens.