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FREE shipping with $50 purchase!

FREE shipping with $50 purchase!

Wholesale CBD Flower

Ultra-Premium CBD Hemp Flower

Make the ordinary extraordinary with our Cannaflower ultra-premium CBD.  Cannaflower and our extensive team of cannabis experts can provide you with high-quality wholesale CBD flower.

Through Cannaflower cultivation and artisan trimming, your customers will experience the highest standards in CBD products. Our excellence in product design, packaging, and retailing advances is currently celebrated throughout the United States. The wholesale Cannaflower product menu includes a selection of ultra-premium CBD hemp flower strains, stylish and convenient indoor CBD flower, and Cannaflower Discovery boxes.

Cannaflower collectively represents 100 years of commitment and experience in cultivating high-quality hemp flower. Today, more than 300 stores serve customers throughout the United States with our Cannaflower hemp flower products.

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Please note: To work with Cannaflower you must have a physical location.

High Quality CBD Products

strawberry haze bud true indoor circle

Strawberry Haze

Unwind with pure bliss and smooth, sweet aromas.

Cosmic Kush Bud 2023 featured

Cosmic Kush

Elevate your self-care routine with the serene comfort of this cosmic indoor flower.

Indoor Nova Sum


Chase away the shade and get your shine on with an upbeat mood and lively calm.

Indoor Pineapple Crush Sum

Pineapple Crush

Let this anytime indoor flower bring a smile to your face and a warm glow in your heart.

Indoor Pink Lady Sum

Pink Lady

A tart and tasty way to navigate life’s hurdles and level up on life’s adventures.

Indoor Ambrosia Haze Sum

Ambrosia Haze

A sweet evening companion as you exhale the day’s tension away.

Indoor Couch Lock Sum

Couch Lock

Couch Lock helps you turn down the outside noise and tune in to some deep serenity.

Indoor Cherry Chip Sum

Cherry Chip

Life is short, so have dessert first. Be first in line to enjoy this small batch indoor reserve flower.


You are just 3 steps away from joining the Cannaflower Wholesale CBD Program.
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Why Partner with Cannaflower?

Cannaflower wholesale cbd products deliver robust margins and a reputation for excellence. Our brand is established as the industry-leading experience in modern luxury for CBD hemp flower. Our Wholesale partners thrive with our low MOQs and rapid turnaround time. Cannaflower Experts are at your service to bring you customer service, assets to growth, and compliant ultra-premium CBD.

Wholesale accounts are available to businesses who have a physical location where our products will be sold and who order multiple times per year. Cannaflower wholesale partners receive the following benefits:

Success Begins with Cannaflower

Cannaflower products will stand out on your shelves and will create a loyal following. Each hemp flower strain honors visionary organic farming and innovation in hand-trimming and slow curing. Your customers will experience all of the modern luxury in CBD flower.

With Cannaflower as your partner, you can concentrate on selling more products and growing your business.

In addition to making 60% margin (on average), joining the Cannaflower Wholesale Program also saves you the time you would otherwise spend:

Federally Compliant and 3rd Party Tested

Cannaflower leads in the industry delivering the highest level of industry compliance. We rigorously uphold the integrity of our products through 3rd party, state-certified lab testing. Every wholesale hemp order is processed with heat-sealed packaging and is labeled with UPC codes and a URL directing your customers to our online COA (certificate of analysis) Cannaflower Labs page. Transparency is vital to us, ensuring that all Cannaflower is a federally legal hemp product.

Cannaflower CBD Labs for Strains

Partner with Cannaflower Wholesale

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Please note: To work with Cannaflower you must have a physical location.

What is the minimum order value to open a wholesale CBD account?

There is no minimum order quantity required with Cannaflower. Some of our customers are national franchises, and some of our customers are small, family owned stores just getting started in the hemp industry. We want to be able to accommodate all interested businesses regardless of size.

Cannaflower will handle the cost of shipping on any wholesale order above $400. Any order below $400 will necessitate an additional $15 shipping fee on top of the cost of the products.

Cannaflower does limit wholesale customers to ‘1 strain per case.’ In other words, customers are not allowed to mix and match strains within an individual case. This means the minimum units required for a wholesale order is 12 units ‘per strain’.

How long will it take to open my wholesale account?

Not long at all! After a brief phone call with one of our representatives, you will be good to go. On average these phone calls only require around 5 minutes of your time. Our representative will ask a few simple questions about your business, your current needs, and walk you through how wholesale orders are placed and how payment is managed.

How many times will I be expected to make a wholesale hemp flower order every year?

To continue to enjoy the Cannaflower wholesale discounts, we ask our wholesale customers to order at least once-per-quarter (or four times per year). However, most of our customers choose to reorder on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. We are happy to accomodate the natural reorder cadence of your business.

How long will my wholesale CBD flower order take to reach me and how does it arrive?

Typically, wholesale customers receive their orders in under a week’s time. Cannaflower ships all our wholesale orders via USPS 2-3 day priority mail. However, we do not begin the process of bagging your flower or rolling your pre rolls until your order is placed. Before your order is placed our hemp flower is kept in an ideal environment: in glass jars with 55%-62% humidity control packs to retain moisture and to keep the CBD flower from drying out. This ensures that you receive our product at its peak freshness. Typically, orders will ship out within 48 hours after your order has been placed – unless your order is especially large. If this is the case, your sales rep will inform you as to when you can anticipate your order to ship.

Which CBD products are included in the Cannaflower wholesale program?

All of the strain varieties, moods, pre rolls, and pre roll tins available for retail on the Cannaflower website are also available for wholesale purchase. In addition, we have several unique products available exclusively for our wholesale partners.

The Cannaflower Wholesale Program makes our products available ‘by the case’. Each ‘case’ contains 12 individual units. Our Sungrown and Indoor Flower strains are available in 2 sizes: 3.5 Gram Cases and 7 Gram Cases. Our wholesale catalog will be sent to you upon submitting your contact info through the wholesale web form and contains all the information you will require to place an order, including pricing and MSRPs on all our available wholesale products.