Cannabis fans looking for a high-flying experience may want to check out a hybrid called “Jet Fuel.” True to its name, this sativa-rich strain quickly propels experienced users into a euphoric state of mind. The “fumes” from this Diesel-related strain also reek of standard industrial aromatics, including gasoline, skunk, and citrus. 

Although Jet Fuel is gaining popularity for its head buzz effects, please remember that this hybrid isn’t the optimal choice for every user. In fact, if people don’t have a few “pot prerequisites,” they’ll probably end up paranoid after one puff of Jet Fuel. Be sure you know everything about Jet Fuel’s standard effects before grabbing a batch of these flowers from a legal dispensary.

Jet Fuel Strain Overview

  • Created at Denver’s 303 Seeds
  • Mix of Aspen OG and High Country Diesel
  • 70/30 sativa-to-indica ratio
  • Average THC: 18%
  • Average CBD: ≤ 1%
  • Standard terpenes: Limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and myrcene.
jet fuel bud

The Jet Fuel Strain’s Genetics & Origin 

Breeders at Colorado’s 303 Seeds deserve all the credit for bringing Jet Fuel to the cannabis market. According to lab reports, Jet Fuel flowers lean heavily on the sativa side, with only about 30% indica content. Although Jet Fuel is undoubtedly a sativa-forward strain, one half of its lineage—High Country Diesel—is an indica-dominant strain. Jet Fuel likely picked up its sativa edge from the other half of its lineage: Aspen OG.On average, Jet Fuel has THC percentages just below the 20% mark. Although many weed hybrids have THC far above 20%, remember Jet Fuel has virtually no CBD. Recent studies suggest CBD can block THC from landing on the brain’s CB1 receptors, which helps naturally decrease weed’s psychoactivity. If people are concerned about THC’s adverse impact on their mental clarity, they may want to focus on CBD-rich hemp strains rather than going straight for Jet Fuel flowers.

Jet Fuel In the Morning

What Are Jet Fuel’s Major Flavors?

Jet Fuel is the epitome of an industrial hybrid. Even before tokers break these buds, they’ll pick up a pungent whiff of gassy terpenes. In addition to gasoline, Jet Fuel typically has an arresting and astringent scent, most likely due to the citrusy terpene limonene. Users also report strong notes of skunk and musk while wafting their Jet Fuel flowers. 

Although the industrial notes predominate in Jet Fuel buds, these flowers also have earthy and spicy undertones. Discerning tokers may notice scents like fresh pine and black pepper underneath the gasoline foreground as they smoke their Jet Fuel nugs.

Jet Fuel In the Morning high
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How Does Smoking Jet Fuel Feel?

Jet Fuel is a “full throttle” sativa strain. Nobody who smokes this hybrid says they feel “relaxed” or “sleepy” after using it. Even weed users with a high THC tolerance are blown away at how energized they feel after just one hit of Jet Fuel. Most people who try Jet Fuel claim this strain gives them a “buzzy” head feeling with plenty of tingles in the temples and behind the eyes. Jet Fuel’s head-rush effects tend to produce feelings of euphoria that may make a few users feel extra giddy and giggly. The energizing properties of Jet Fuel are excellent for tokers who love using marijuana early in the day to complement a workout routine. 

However, people who suffer from insomnia won’t find what they’re looking for with Jet Fuel. Although many people feel more relaxed after the initial head-buzz passes, Jet Fuel is a daytime-only strain. The customers who have the greatest success with Jet Fuel are those who want help with low energy or motivation rather than those who need help unwinding after a stressful day.

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Does The Jet Fuel Strain Have Side Effects?

Paranoia is a significant risk associated with Jet Fuel flowers. Just because Jet Fuel buds may have THC below 20% doesn’t mean it doesn’t hit as hard as other stimulating sativas. Indeed, the high sativa genotype means Jet Fuel’s high is all cerebral, which isn’t great news for people who already struggle with overthinking, worry, or panic. If people have a terrible reaction to THC, or they’re susceptible to anxiety, Jet Fuel may intensify their feelings of fear and dread. Therefore, anyone not used to THC strains or sativa-rich cannabis should steer clear of Jet Fuel until they gain more experience. It’s far safer for new tokers to reach for CBD-rich hemp flowers rather than classic THC strains like Jet Fuel. Thankfully, ever since the 2018 US Farm Bill went into law, it’s legal for Americans to use hemp flowers and CBD extracts with below 0.3% THC. There are plenty of sativa strains in Cannaflower’s hemp portfolio with refreshing & non-psychoactive effects. Use Cannaflower’s filters to find a CBD hemp strain that fits your preferred flavors and common effects.

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