If any cannabinoid could usurp THC’s throne, it would have to be CBD. Not only is CBD the second most abundant cannabinoid in the cannabis kingdom, it has grown wildly popular since the 2018 US Farm Bill passed. With its refreshing and non-intoxicating effects, CBD has gained countless fans in the Western world—many of whom are trying cannabis products for the first time.

Although oils and edibles still dominate the CBD industry, there has been a lot of hoopla surrounding high CBD hemp flowers. While these CBD buds look and smell just like THC-laden marijuana, they won’t get you high. But just because these buds aren’t psychoactive doesn’t mean they’re worthless. Indeed, for many contemporary consumers, high CBD hemp offers a potent and clear-headed alternative to pot smoking.

Why Do People Hit Hemp? A Few Reasons To Consider High CBD Flower

When people hear about smokable hemp for the first time, they’re often confused. Since CBD has no psychoactive properties, isn’t toking a hemp joint kind of like smoking (literal) grass? 

While CBD is non-intoxicating, that doesn’t mean it’s inert. Indeed, the main reason people get into smoking hemp is to experience the full potency of this cannabinoid. Unlike most other CBD products, the smoke from hemp flowers goes directly into your lungs. This means tokers enjoy virtually 100 percent CBD absorption in a matter of seconds. Customers on the hunt for the most intense CBD experience will enjoy all that hemp flowers have to offer.

In addition to this high absorption rate, CBD strains contain dozens of secondary cannabinoids and fragrant terpenes. Exciting new research into the “entourage effect” suggests these natural hemp compounds may elevate CBD’s effectiveness. Not only that, the different terpene profiles in various strains may slightly influence their effects. This means customers could easily customize their smoking experience for specific times of the day. 

A Few Reasons To Consider High CBD Flower

While there are numerous secondary cannabinoids in CBD strains, customers don’t have to worry about significant traces of delta 9 THC. In fact, all of Cannaflower’s buds have to go through third-party lab screenings to verify there’s ≤ 0.3 percent delta 9 THC content. Even if you’re overly sensitive to THC, there’s a low risk you’ll experience adverse side effects when smoking these buds. Indeed, since hemp strains have such low traces of THC, many people use our high CBD flowers for microdosing. In small enough doses, high CBD hemp may boost creativity and focus during your workday. To learn more about microdosing low THC strains, you’ve got to check out Cannaflower’s guide on this page.

How Should Customers Use High CBD Hemp Flower? 

Like traditional marijuana nugs, the most common way to consume high CBD flowers is in a joint. After shredding your herb in a grinder, place it in rolling paper, assemble your joint, and light up. For those who aren’t familiar with joint-rolling, no fear; you could also pick up CBD pre-rolls for extra convenience. 

While smoking joints is the most iconic way to use CBD flowers, that doesn’t mean you can’t use our nugs in a vaporizer. If you have a vaporizer that’s made for dry herbs, then it’s safe to use high CBD nugs in this device. 

For those craving a crazy intense experience, you could smash our CBD flowers with a hair straightener in parchment paper. While this may sound strange to newcomers, cannabis fans should know this is how you make DIY rosin. Thanks to the sticky consistency of this concentrate, CBD rosin is ideal for intense—yet non-high-inducing—dabbing sessions.

How Should Customers Use High CBD Hemp Flower?

Lastly, it’s also possible for customers to add CBD flowers to homemade edibles or topicals. Just keep in mind that all of the cannabinoids in raw hemp flowers are in a deactivated state. Without getting too technical, cannabinoids need heat to transform from their acidic state into their bioavailable form (e.g., from CBDA to CBD). 

So, before adding CBD flowers to cannabutter or creams, you should pop these buds in a 250° F oven for at least 30 minutes. This short “sauna sesh” will ensure all of the cannabinoids in your hemp flowers are ready to shine in your DIY goodies.

How Do Customers Choose The Best CBD Flower? 

There will never be a magic formula for choosing the best high CBD hemp strain. Indeed, as hemp cultivators continue to create novel hybrids, it will only get more difficult for hemp consumers to select the perfect strain.

Despite these challenges, there are a few “tools of the trade” customers could use to sort through high CBD strains. First off, you should figure out whether your hemp hybrid is indica or sativa dominant. This info will usually give you a good indication of a strain’s typical effects. Traditionally, sativa strains are energizing, while indicas lean on the sedative side. 

After looking into the sativa-to-indica ratio, take a peek at your hybrid’s terpene profile. Not only will terpenes give you a glimpse into your strain’s flavors, they may influence a strain’s effects. For instance, many customers claim strains with high traces of the fruity terpene myrcene are slightly sedating. On the opposite extreme, many “invigorating” hemp cultivars have high traces of citrus terpenes like limonene. You could find out more about hemp terpenes on this previous Cannaflower blog. Both of these details should clue you in to how your chosen hemp strain will taste and feel. If you’re still unsure whether a particular CBD strain is right for you, we’d recommend researching reviews on reputable hemp smoking forums. You could also reach out to our hemp flower fanatics anytime on this Contact Us page.

How Do Customers Choose The Best CBD Flower?

What Are The Hottest CBD Hemp Strains?

OK, enough general talk; it’s “high time” we revealed our top picks for high CBD hemp strains. Although we’re proud of every cultivar in our online portfolio, the following names consistently rank as the most iconic CBD strains. Whether you’re a beginner or a long-time hemp fan, you can’t go wrong with any of the following strain names.

Get “Up And At ‘Em” With Lifter

Lifter is the “lightning strain” of the hemp world. After a few hits of this sativa-rich strain, smokers typically feel a burst of energy and a head-buzz rush. While pungent terpenes play the starring role in Lifter cultivars, this flower also has plenty of funky skunk and cheese to please your palate. Anyone who’s looking for an all-natural morning toke will most appreciate Lifter’s upbeat effects.

Cannaflower™ Lifter Effects

Settle Down With A Bag Of Bubba Kush

Forget gulping a mug of java every morning; Lifter buds can perk you up without a drop of caffeine. Named for its “uplifting” effects, Lifter is a sativa-forward strain that has spicy and citrusy aromatics. Indeed, this Bubba Kush may have a similar CBD percentage to Lifter, but that’s where this comparison ends. Like the original marijuana strain, our Bubba Kush delivers a strong body high that will probably help you doze off. Like most other Kush strains, Bubba Kush has harsh hash notes with subtle traces of coffee, dark chocolate, and spice. People who prefer their strains on the sedative side should take a closer look into our high CBD Bubba Kush buds.

Cannaflower Bubba Kush Effects

The Dankest After-Dinner Treat: Cherry Wine

Made with a blend of The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries, Cherry Wine is one of the hemp industry’s best-known dessert strains. Tokers who choose this strain enjoy a delicious mix of sultry and sweet aromatics with traces of fresh-picked fruit, aged cheese, and black peppercorn. As you’re enjoying this melange of musky terpenes, you’re bound to feel mellower with each toke. If you’re a connoisseur who loves an evening hemp session, then Cherry Wine should be on your radar.

Cannaflower™ Cherry Wine Effects

Get “Swept Away” In Sour Tsunami

If diesel strains “light your engines,” then Sour Tsunami is right up your alley. With Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel in its genes, it’s safe to say Sour Tsunami has pronounced industrial notes. Also like its parent strains, Sour Tsunami has a euphoric, sativa-forward effect on tokers. Like Lifter, it’s best to use Sour Tsunami buds early in the day when you need to be productive.

Cannaflower Sour Tsunami Effects

“Slay” Your Stress With Elektra

If you’re into Greek drama, then you know there’s a lot of bloodshed in Elektra’s household. While we don’t know if the Elektra strain was named after this Greek tragedy, there’s no question it has been “killing” the competition recently. Heck, if Orestes had had a handful of Elektra nugs, we bet he’d feel way more chill. 

Most people who have this indica-forward strain claim it has deeply relaxing effects with flavors reminiscent of berries, pine, and lemon. While Elektra is indica-forward, many tokers report great success using these buds for a daytime calm.

Cannaflower™ Elektra Effects

Delicious Dankness Without Dizziness — High CBD Hemp Is Legit & Lit!

THC may have many fascinating medical applications, but it’s not the sneakiest cannabinoid to consume. If you want to remain productive and enjoy all the benefits cannabis has to offer, it’s far safer to stick with high CBD strains. Our artisan-grade hemp strains always have ≤ 0.3 percent THC to protect you from “high” side effects. However you choose to consume our high CBD strains, we’re confident you’ll have a satisfying, flavor-forward experience.To find out more about our ever-expanding CBD flower catalog, please visit our shop on this link.

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