SFV OG is “like totally” the “raddest” strain to come out of SoCal’s valley region. Don’t worry; this strain won’t make you talk like a valley girl, but it has been known to elicit some wild words from new tokers. Short for “San Fernando Valley OG,” this indica-dominant hybrid tends to provoke a relaxing high that’s mildly sedating. With an average THC content of 20 percent, SFV OG is a noteworthy choice for experienced tokers looking for a soothing nighttime session.

SFV OG Strain Summary

  • Most likely an OG Kush variant. 
  • Created at Canna Connection.
  • 70/30 indica-to-sativa ratio. 
  • Average THC of 16 – 21 percent 
  • ≤ 1 percent CBD content
OG Kush SFV Cutting Cannabis

SFV OG Strain Origins

It doesn’t take a cannabis expert to guess where SFV OG first emerged. As long as you know “SFV” is short for “San Fernando Valley,” it’s obvious this strain comes from Southern California. Most reports suggest the breeders at Canna Connection helped create the first batch of SFV OG buds. 

Plus, the “OG” in SFV OG hints that OG Kush plays a predominant role in this cultivar’s flavors and effects. It’s unclear whether SFV OG is a unique OG Kush genotype or if Canna Connection’s cultivators crossed OG Kush with extra Afghani. Whatever the truth is, there’s no doubt that SFV OG shares many properties with OG Kush, including its high THC count and earthy aromatics. 

One feature that distinguishes SFV OG from OG Kush is its higher indica dominance. Typically, SFV OG has an indica percentage above 70, which makes it best suited for late-day tokes. 

Note: Please don’t confuse SFV OG with the similarly sounding “SFV OG Kush.” Interestingly, SFV OG Kush is a separate cultivar with even stronger indica genetics. Although SFV OG Kush has traces of SFV OG, it has a higher indica percentage thanks to the inclusion of extra Afghani. These features give SFV OG Kush an indica-to-sativa ratio of about 9-to-1.

What Does It Feel Like To Smoke SFV OG?

How Does The SFV OG Strain Taste? 

SFV OG has a mostly earthy flavor with strong notes of pine. Likely, the terpene alpha-pinene helps explain SFV OG’s fresh “outdoorsy” scent. However, since SFV OG is in the OG Kush lineage, users should expect some stereotypical Kush aromatics. In other words, SFV OG can have notes of hash, spice, and black pepper, thanks mainly to the terpene beta-caryophyllene. 

Although SFV OG is neither a “sweet” nor “sour” strain, it has hints of citrus and diesel. Depending on your weed cultivar, SFV OG may have moderate amounts of limonene, giving it a flavor that mimics fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges.

OG Kush SFV Cutting Cannabis Marijuana Strain, great for stress and pain

What Does It Feel Like To Smoke SFV OG? 

As an indica-dominant hybrid, SFV OG produces soothing “body-heavy” effects. However, this isn’t the most sedating indica in the cannabis kingdom. Many people who try SFV OG report an initial “fuzzy” head-buzz high that gradually morphs to pleasant sedation. It’s unlikely people will ever use SFV OG as their “go-to” morning strain, but it’s also not the perfect strain for insomnia. Instead, SFV OG seems to provide exceptional relaxation without being too overbearing. 
Just remember that the THC percentage in SFV OG can be over 20 percent, so it’s not ideal for new cannabis users. If customers don’t have a THC tolerance, they should consider starting with CBD-rich hemp strains like those on Cannaflower.


Effect when I Smoke SFV OG

SFV Without THC — Check Out Cannaflower’s Low-THC Hemp Flowers!

SFV OG is too intense for people who don’t have prior experience with cannabis. However, there are ways customers could experience many of SFV OG’s flavors without increasing their risk of paranoia. Plenty of federally-legal CBD hemp flowers contain similar flavors with just ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. 

Anyone curious about trying a low-THC version of SFV OG should research Cannaflower’s high-CBD hemp rendition on OG Kush