CBD gummies aren’t a groundbreaking product category, but CBD rosin gummies are a significant innovation. While rosin extract is best-known amongst weed concentrate fans, it may play a central role in the evolution of low-THC microdosing and full-spectrum CBD edibles. 

Since extracting rosin doesn’t require solvents, it’s the cleanest way to deliver ultra-rich hemp extract in an edible form. As a bonus, rosin tends to have a higher concentration of secondary cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, which means customers can take advantage of the “entourage effect.” 

While CBD rosin gummies may not seem all that groundbreaking, we’d encourage skeptics to take a closer look at this emerging product category. You may soon find these delicious full-spectrum edibles work their way into your low-THC microdosing session!

 CBD Rosin Gummies Microdose

Why Are CBD Rosin Gummies Such A Big Deal? 

To understand why so many microdosers are excited about CBD rosin gummies, we must review why rosin is distinct from other cannabis concentrates. Although rosin caught on as a cheap concentrate to make at home, it offers many impressive benefits for hemp consumers. 

Most significantly, rosin is a “solventless concentrate,” which means it never touches butane during extraction. Instead, CBD rosin is made using a combination of heat and pressure. While this method isn’t the most cost-effective from a mass-production standpoint, it guarantees customers will never get exposed to even tiny concentrations of solvent residue.

In addition to this crucial safety factor, CBD rosin tends to extract higher quantities of secondary hemp compounds. Even supercritical CO2 extraction can’t remove many of the delicate terpenes found in CBD rosin. Plus, full-spectrum CBD rosin could have minute traces of delta-9 THC, which is fantastic news for microdosing fans. 

As long as the final product has ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis, it’s legit in all 50 US states. Please remember that the 2018 US Farm Bill didn’t ban delta-9 entirely. Hemp products like CBD rosin gummies could have this federally-allowed amount of delta-9 THC.

What Are The Benefits Of Microdosing CBD Rosin Gummies? 

At this point, you’re probably wondering why anyone would want to microdose low-THC rosin gummies. After all, if customers were being honest, isn’t the point of using THC to “get baked?”

Sure, there will always be some tokers who want to use THC edibles to enjoy a “stoned” session. However, as cannabis use becomes more mainstream, consumers are interested in ways to use cannabis for its many therapeutic properties. While THC cannabis may be great for long sessions at home, it’s impossible to constantly enjoy high-THC cannabis and be productive.

Products like our full-spectrum CBD rosin gummies give users a way to enjoy hemp’s therapeutic properties without “zoning out.” In fact, many people get into microdosing THC to enhance their mood while maintaining complete control over their senses. Some trials also suggest tiny amounts of THC are better at decreasing generalized anxiety versus high-THC extracts. 

If you’d like more details on how microdosing works, you’ve got to check out Cannaflower’s “101 Guide to THC Microdosing.” 

But it’s not just the low traces of THC that make CBD rosin gummies great for microdosers. Many tests reveal that CBD creates a natural buffer that reduces THC’s psychoactive properties. Even if people have a higher risk for THC paranoia, CBD will help curb the negative associations of using THC. 

Also, CBD rosin gummies contain numerous other cannabinoids, terpenes, and antioxidants that may influence a consumer’s final reaction. Many believe full-spectrum products like CBD rosin have the greatest effectiveness due to the “entourage effect.” Scientists who subscribe to the “entourage effect” believe the more natural hemp compounds are in a substance, the higher likelihood it will produce noticeable effects. For more details on the science surrounding the “entourage effect,” please check out this previous Cannaflower post.

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Are CBD Rosin Gummies The Best For Microdosing? 

Customers have many ways to microdose on hemp. For instance, some people love smoking low-THC hemp strains, while others prefer the precision CBD tinctures provide. 

At Cannaflower, we recognize every customer will have unique concerns and preferences when choosing their perfect item for microdosing. That’s why Cannaflower offers plenty of high-quality hemp flowers, pre-rolls, CBD oils, and gummies.

So, why would someone choose CBD rosin gummies over another consumption method? For starters, edibles are the most discreet hemp product. If you like using hemp while in the “hustle and bustle” of life, chances are you won’t draw as much attention from others after popping a CBD gummy in your mouth.

Besides discretion, CBD rosin gummies offer customers a slow & steady absorption rate. Some people may not enjoy this feature because they won’t experience CBD rosin’s effects for about 30 – 45 minutes. Also, by the time the CBD hits your bloodstream, it won’t feel as potent as a hit of hemp flower or a dropperful of sublingual CBD oil.

However, hemp microdosing sessions are never meant to feel “intense.” A successful CBD microdose should provide a gentle “lift” without distracting you from your daily tasks. For many customers, CBD rosin gummies offer a gentle and sustained sense of relief, which may be more enjoyable at work or while running errands. If you’re still not sure the features of CBD rosin edibles fit your profile, you may want to check out Cannaflower’s previous post on the “ABCs of CBD Gummies.”

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Microdose As You Munch On Cannaflower’s CBD Rosin Gummies!

Cannaflower is excited to add a line of all-natural CBD rosin gummies to our hemp catalog. Like our popular hemp flowers and CBD oils, each of these fruity gummies comes with third-party lab certifications, so you know you’re getting a high-quality product. There’s no need to fear yucky additives or toxic solvent residue in our irresistible line of CBD gummies. Plus, we promise each of these delightful treats has a (fully legal!) touch of delta-9 THC.Please click this link if you want more details on Cannaflower’s CBD rosin gummies.

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