Also known as Cherry Kush, Cherry Pie combines two genetic superstars to create a delicious, relaxing, and thought-provoking cannabis strain. When a strong sativa landrace like Durban Poison and innovative Grandaddy Purple get together, you know you’re in for a treat. Cherry Pie is both visually and mentally stimulating while provoking a deep sense of well-being and physical relaxation.

Cherry Pie Strain Summary

  • A cross between Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison
  • 60:40 indica-to-sativa ratio
  • Averages around 20% THC
  • Dominant terpenes:  limonene, myrcene, beta-caryophyllene
  • Cherry Pie placed third for Medical Sativa in Denver’s 2014 Cannabis Cup.
Cherry Pie Strain Summary

Cherry Pie Strain Origins

The original Cherry Pie buds came from one of Dark Heart Nursery’s clones, and the strain surged in popularity after Berner created his mouth-watering cultivars. Cherry Pie has not only become a must-have cannabis variety for cannaseurs, but the strain is now a staple among hashmakers.

Cherry Pie plants produce dense small to medium buds with a thick silvery trichome layer. Some cultivars will show purple highlights due to their Grandaddy Purple ancestor. Experienced growers can help bring out the violet hues by stimulating budding plants with colder temperatures.

What Does Cherry Pie Taste and Smell Like?

What Does Cherry Pie Taste and Smell Like?

Cherry Pie starts from a sweet earthy base which resolves into a young cherry tartness on the exhale. You may even catch a hint of pine, rosemary, or black pepper when vaping at lower temperatures. Most consumers love Cherry Pie’s primarily sweet and tart berry taste. However, Cherry Pie’s flavor can be overly pungent for some smokers.

How Does the Cherry Pie Strain Feel?

How Does the Cherry Pie Strain Feel?

Cherry Pie is a relatively balanced strain that induces a sense of uplifting euphoria while simultaneously fostering physical and mental relaxation. When consumed in moderation, Cherry Pie can help ease minor aches and pains while igniting the imagination for artistic projects. However, in higher quantities, Cherry Pie can veer toward couch-lock and become counter-productive. Additionally, Cherry Pie is prone to induce the munchies, so hide the ice cream before you partake.


Cherry Pie Strain effects

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