Orange Sherbert Highlights

Cannaflower currently only carries Rainbow Sherbet; however, we were able to get our hands on Orange Sherbert for this review. Enjoy!


Type: Balanced

Aroma: Citrus, Pine, Herbal

Flavor Profile: Sweet, Tropical Fruit, Earthy

Effects: Calming, Mood-Elevating, Physically Relaxing

Common Uses: Anxiety, Depression, Pain

Orange Sherbert Strain Review

A beloved medical hybrid, the original Orange Sherbert can be hard to find on dispensary shelves. Introduced by breeders at Barney’s farm, Orange Sherbert is a delicious combination of three sweet and fruity strains: Orange Cream, Purple Urkle, and Cherry Pie. 

CBD cultivators have taken the original Orange Sherbert cannabis strain to the next level by cross-breeding it with low-THC cultivars. The result is a relaxing high-CBD hybrid, featuring all of the mouth-watering terpenes of its ancestors. 

Flavor Profile, Aroma, and Appearance of Orange Sherbert CBD Strain

Orange Sherbert seeds produce vibrant light green and purple buds with orange pistils frosted with a dense layer of trichomes. The strain’s earthy herbal base makes a delectable combination with its sweet, citrus aroma. Hints of pine and lavender join the mix to round out Orange Sherbert’s otherwise fruity flavor.

Terpenes and Cannabinoids in Orange Sherbert Strain

Like many cannabis hybrids, Orange Sherbert CBD contains high concentrations of myrcene and beta-caryophyllene. 

Found in lemongrass, mangoes, and hops, myrcene is a potent antioxidant and may be useful for relieving pain. High-myrcene strains tend to have earthy flavors with overtones of berries and tropical fruit. Beta-caryophyllene’s ability to bond directly to ECS receptors in the immune system makes the compound particularly effective against inflammation. Cinnamon, clove, and black pepper all have high beta-caryophyllene levels, and the terpene lends these spicy flavors to Orange Sherbert and other cannabis strains.

Plants produce terpenes like humulene to protect themselves from insect predators. Research has shown that humulene may help humans with appetite control and reducing inflammation due to allergies. Humulene is one of the principal terpenes that lends cannabis plants their familiar skunky aroma.

Although the next four terpenes present themselves in lesser quantities in Orange Sherbert, they make essential contributions to the strain’s overall taste, fragrance, and effects. Linalool, renowned for its calming nature, bestows subtle aromas of lilac and lavender. 

You’ll notice the presence of pinene in Orange Sherbert when you first open the bag. Refreshing pinene is one of the primary terpenes in evergreen trees and herbs like rosemary and parsley. Scientists believe that pinene has powerful antimicrobial properties and may aid in memory retention.

Most citrus-oriented cannabis hybrids feature limonene, and Orange Sherbert is no exception. A common ingredient in cleaning supplies, limonene combats harmful bacteria and fungi. Limonene endows cannabis plants with uplifting lemon aromas and stress-busting effects. The final terpene in Orange Sherbert, terpinolene, adds depth to the strain’s herbal notes and facilitates physical and mental relaxation.

You may want to try Orange Sherbert CBD with a dry herb vaporizer to enjoy the full spectrum of its terpenes. Some terpenes boil off at relatively low temperatures, so you’ll want to start vaping on the lowest setting.

As far as cannabinoids go, Orange Sherbert contains a moderate CBD level of around 16%, adding to the strain’s balanced nature. Orange Sherbert CBD is a hemp strain with particularly low THC levels, usually less than .1%. Consumers can now enjoy Orange Sherbert without any concern about undesired intoxicating effects like paranoia.

Orange Sherbert CBD Effects

Orange Sherbert is a well-balanced strain with a perfect 50:50 indica-to-sativa ratio. 

If you’re looking for an uplifting, all-purpose strain, you can’t beat Orange Sherbert CBD.

Orange Sherbert CBD imparts a relaxed euphoria that’s perfect for calming stressful feelings and restoring a sense of peace and positive energy. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting the giggles when you partake of Orange Sherbert.

Additionally, Orange Sherbert CBD makes a perfect go-to choice for battling bodily aches and pains without melting you into the couch.

Orange Sherbert CBD Effects

Similar CBD Hemp Flower Strains

Orange Sherbert CBD has characteristics in common with other balanced, sweet, and citrus strains.

If you like the sweet taste of Orange Sherbert, but you’re looking for more daytime energy, you may want to try Cannaflower’s Rainbow Sherbet. Sativa-dominant Rainbow Sherbet offers a tart, candied fruit flavor and potent uplifting effects.

Cannaflower’s indica-dominant Remedy provokes similar mood-elevating and relaxing feelings as Orange Sherbert. Remedy flowers emit pleasant orange, pine, and juniper aromas and make a perfect after-dinner nightcap.

Cannaflower Rainbow Sherbet

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