Stoner flicks may be fun to watch, but they aren’t an accurate depiction of today’s cannabis fans. True, there are still plenty of potheads who like to “get high.” However, as cannabis becomes increasingly commonplace, many customers want low THC cultivars. Unlike standard marijuana strains, low THC hemp hybrids have a subtler “non-stoned” effect on users. 

To meet this high demand for “non-high” strains, hemp cultivators have been feverishly developing novel cultivars. Anyone new to the hemp flower market may be surprised to learn how many low THC strains are now available. In fact, it can be pretty difficult for new customers to choose from the dozens of CBD hybrids on the market. Luckily for newcomers, there are a few hip hemp strains that have gained iconic status.

Why Are Low THC Strains So Trendy Nowadays?

Before we reveal the best low THC strains, you may be wondering why so many people want to reduce their THC intake. After all, isn’t the point of smoking cannabis to feel its psychoactive effects? 

While many tokers enjoy using THC recreationally, there are a few drawbacks associated with these flowers. Most significantly, you can only use high THC strains in specific circumstances. Since THC has a profound effect on your cannabinoid receptors, it will impede your productivity and motor skills. This makes microdosing high THC strains rather difficult—especially at the office!

Why Are Low THC Strains So Trendy Nowadays?

Also, some users who take high doses of THC experience adverse side effects. It’s not uncommon for anxiety patients to suffer paranoia or panic attacks after taking too much delta 9 THC. Obviously, people who don’t react well to THC will gravitate towards strains with low THC concentrations. 

Hemp strains offer tokers a low-intensity experience suitable for any time of the day. Since hemp must have ≤ 0.3 percent delta 9 THC per federal law, there’s a minimal chance this cannabinoid will adversely affect customers. Plus, these hybrids have high traces of CBD, which should dampen THC’s psychoactive effects.

All of these features make low THC strains the perfect choice for tokers who want to take cannabis while remaining productive. Hemp hybrids offer subtler, calming effects without the risk of adverse psychoactive reactions. Indeed, since the traces of THC are so low, it’s far easier to microdose using hemp cultivars.

How Do Customers Determine The “Perfect” Low THC Strain?

Even if you’re involved in the hemp industry, it’s easy to lose track of all the hemp hybrids now on the market. It seems like every week some hemp farm comes out with an exciting new strain to try. 

While this is great news for consumer choice, it can make picking your first CBD strain extra challenging. How could a new customer tell which hemp strain is best for them? 


Well, since everyone has a different reaction to hemp, it may take a bit of trial and error to find your ideal hybrid. Also, every hemp hybrid has slightly different genetics, which translates to different flavors and effects. 

First off, customers should look at the sativa-to-indica ratio of their chosen strain. Generally speaking, sativas have an energizing effect, while indicas are more soothing. In addition to this, you should check your strain’s cannabinoid percentages to gauge how potent it will be.

After looking into cannabinoids and sativa-to-indica percentages, you should take a peek at the terpene percentages in each strain. Although terpenes strongly influence a strain’s flavor, they may have physiological effects. For instance, many tokers claim strains with high amounts of myrcene are slightly sedating, while those with more alpha-pinene are invigorating. You could find out more about the science behind terpenes in this previous blog post.

In summary, if you’ve never shopped for hemp CBD flowers before, we’d recommend researching each strain’s cannabinoid counts, terpene levels, and average effects. This info should give you a solid “preview” of how each strain will affect you.

The Best Low THC Hemp Strains 


Supposedly a cross between ACDC and Early Resin Berry, Elektra is a sativa-forward hybrid that’s perfect for daytime use. Although this strain is sativa dominant, new tokers shouldn’t fear a super intense “headrush high.” People often claim Elektra has well-balanced effects that both “relax” and “enliven.” Plus, if you’re a fan of aromas like orange peel and cloves, you’re going to love Elektra’s nuanced flavor profile.

Cannaflower™ Elektra Effects

Hawaiian Haze

You don’t need to move to Maui to mellow out. Anytime you’re looking for a mini “tropical getaway,” just grab a batch of Hawaiian Haze buds! As you’d expect from its Polynesian name, these buds have many exotic aromatics like citrus, pineapple, and even a hint of gasoline. As is often the case with Haze strains, Hawaiian Haze is sativa-forward and a perfect choice for social settings. Definitely keep a bag of these nugs nearby the next time you’re heading to a party.

Cannaflower™ Hawaiian Haze

Cherry Wine

Arguably, Cherry Wine is the most beloved high-CBD after-dinner treat. Made with a blend of Charlotte’s Cherries and The Wife, this hemp cultivar has “opulent aromatics” that mimic sweet cherries, pepper, and a hint of cheese. Thanks to high traces of myrcene, Cherry Wine is a profoundly relaxing strain that’s best savored later in the day. Anyone who’s looking for a not-so-naughty nightcap strain should consider Cannaflower’s Cherry Wine.

Cannaflower™ Cherry Wine Effects


Forget gulping a mug of java every morning; Lifter buds can perk you up without a drop of caffeine. Named for its “uplifting” effects, Lifter is a sativa-forward strain that has spicy and citrusy aromatics. Indeed, this hybrid has reliably high traces of the spicy terpene beta-caryophyllene, which may explain its euphoric effects. Anyone struggling with fatigue or a lack of motivation may want to add Lifter to their routine.

Cannaflower™ Lifter Effects

OG Kush

Yes, you read that right; you can enjoy a low THC version of OG Kush. Often dubbed the greatest 90s hybrid, OG Kush is an indica-forward hybrid with incredibly dank aromatics. Like the original strain, our CBD OG Kush is super relaxing and perfect for nighttime use. Tokers who want to experience this legendary hybrid without the high THC counts must try our hemp OG Kush cultivar.

Cannaflower™ OG Kush Effects

White CBG

CBG doesn’t get as much media attention as CBD, but it is steadily growing in popularity. Like CBD, CBG is a non-psychoactive hemp cannabinoid. Interestingly, recent reports suggest that both CBD and THC are derivatives of CBG.

While there’s not much research into CBG’s effects, there are many unique hemp strains with high CBG percentages. For instance, Cannaflower now offers incredibly dense White CBG nugs. These sweet and earthy buds are said to lean on the energizing side, which makes them a perfect choice for early morning tokers. For more details on the differences between CBD and CBG, be sure to read Cannaflower’s previous blog explaining these cannabinoids.

Cannaflower White CBG Effects

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Choosing the ideal low THC strain can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the CBD industry. That’s why we always recommend carefully reviewing each strain’s lab results before making a purchase. On Cannaflower’s website, you will find easy access to all of our flowers’ cannabinoid and terpene percentages. For more personalized guidance, you could always reach out to Cannaflower’s staff online or over the phone. Find out more about how to contact Cannaflower on this page.

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