Indica-dominant Slurricane comes on strong with powerful physical and mental effects. Slurricane isn’t shy in her appearance either. The strain produces striking olive-green buds with deep purple swirls and a heavy coat of powdery resin. However, Slurricane shows its sweet side through its delicate berry flavor and herbal aromas.

Slurricane Strain Summary

  • A cross between Purple Punch and Do-Si-Do
  • 60:40 indica-to-sativa ratio
  • 22-28% THC with up to 1% CBG
  • Dominant terpenes:myrcene, beta-caryophyllene
 Slurricane Strain Summary

Slurricane Strain Origins

The expert breeders at Seattle’s In House Genetics created the original Slurricane strain by combining Purple Punch and Do-Si-Do parents. In House Genetics is also responsible for popular cannabis strains, such as Platinum, Alien Breath, and Black Cherry Punch.

 Slurricane Strain Genetics

How Does Smoking Slurricane Feel?

A few puffs of Slurricane storms consumers with a profound body buzz and pronounced cerebral effects. Slurricane makes an excellent nighttime strain that can help with occasional insomnia or nervousness. Smoking Slurricane also can be especially useful when you’re down with a common cold or flu. 

However, Slurricane can be overly sedative and may provoke headaches or dizziness in some consumers. So, if you’re looking for something for daytime productivity, you may want to try a sativa-dominant variety or one of Canniflower’s low-THC hemp strains.

How Does Smoking Slurricane Feel?

What Does Slurricane Taste Like?

Despite Slurricane’s potent effects, its flavor is surprisingly subtle. Smoking or vaping Slurricane offers sweet grape, blueberry, and tropical fruit flavors with a delicate herbal aroma. You may want to try vaping Slurricane starting at lower temperatures to bring out some of its hidden spiciness. If you’re an experienced toker searching for the perfect dessert strain to lull you into slumber, try Slurricane.


 Slurricane Strain Taste

Before You Prepare for Slurricane, Try Cannaflower’s low-THC CBD Hemp Flowers! 

With THC levels that can reach up to 30%, Slurricane isn’t appropriate for beginners. If you would like similar effects and flavors, try Cannaflower’s Space Invader, Berry Cobbler, or Couch Lock hemp flower strains.

Space Invader makes an excellent choice for a laid-back evening of star-gazing around a campfire or backyard barbeque. Space Invader offers hoppy citrus flavors with a slightly gassy aroma. Earthy and Sweet, Berry Cobbler is a calming evening strain among our most popular indoor varieties. Get supplies while they last because our Berry Cobbler hemp flower tends to sell out fast. Another of Cannaflower’s indoor superstars, Couch Lock makes an ideal choice for spending an evening watching movies, listening to music, or spending relaxed quality time with the family.

Each of our artisanal hemp flower strains contain less than .3% THC, and you can access our Certificates of Analysis (COAs) directly from our website. COAs are official lab reports that ensure that your hemp flowers are potent and free of harmful contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, mold, and heavy metals. For your safety, we recommend that you always ask to see the COA for any hemp, CBD, or cannabis product you purchase.Click this link to discover all of Cannaflower’s CBD-rich hemp flowers. You can also take advantage of our Pre-Rolls, Collections, and Discovery Boxes to try out different strains.

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