If the Kool-Aid Man were a cannabis cultivator, Purple Punch would be his signature strain. These dense & dark indica nugs are gushing with sweet and tart terpenes. Any flavor chasers who enjoy fruity hybrids won’t be disappointed with this trichome-rich cultivar. Just be forewarned: Purple Punch is as sedating as it is sweet!

Purple Punch Strain Summary

• First created in Hawaii at Supernova Gardens.

• A mix of Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG.

• Average THC of ~ 20 percent. 

• 80/20 indica-to-sativa ratio. 

• Winner of “Best Indica Strain” at 2018’s Santa Cruz Cup.

Purple Punch Strain Cannabis Featured bud

Purple Punch Strain Origins

Although Purple Punch is often identified with California, it’s not technically a West Coast strain. Interestingly, breeders at Hawaii’s Supernova Gardens were the first to create a successful batch of Purple Punch seeds. It’s only after these Polynesian pot fans visited Cali that Purple Punch started to attract attention.

Initially, Supernova Gardens only shared Purple Punch with The Village and Budologist420. However, as Purple Punch gained more popularity, the breeders at LA’s Jungle Boys began adding it to their crop rotation. From 2017 till today, there’s been a rage for all kinds of “punch-themed” strains based on the Purple Punch genotype.

Speaking of Purple Punch’s genetics, this strain is a heavy indica with traces of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purps. The average THC in Purple Punch is usually above 20 percent, which isn’t suitable for beginners. Due to its high THC and indica percentages, Purple Punch is only good for people who can handle a potent “couchlock” sensation. 
People who rush into strains like Purple Punch won’t experience the best results. It’s far safer to start with high-CBD hemp hybrids that have non-psychoactive, calming effects. For instance, Cannaflower now offers many Kush hemp cultivars with soothing indica properties. Be sure to check out hot CBD renditions of Bubba Kush or OG Kush in our online hemp flower catalog

Purple Punch Strain Cannabis origins

What Are Purple Punch’s Aromatics?

There are many reasons behind Purple Punch’s name, but one has to do with its tart grape flavor. Plenty of tokers associate Purple Punch with a refreshing glass of fizzy grape soda. Anyone already familiar with Zkittlez strains will notice similar sweet and tart flavors while smoking Purple Punch. While this strain also has earthy undertones, Purple Punch will always be considered a “fruit-forward hybrid.”

Purple Punch Strain Cannabis grape soda

How Does Purple Punch Make You Feel?  

The “punch” in Purple Punch’s name refers to its potent effects as much as its pungent aromatics. Seconds after inhaling a Purple Punch joint, tokers will experience a tingly head-rush high that quickly transitions to a full-body sensation. 

As an 80 percent indica, Purple Punch has profoundly relaxing effects that often lead to couchlock sedation. No matter how experienced you are with pot, you should never smoke Purple Punch early in the day…unless you’ve got nowhere to go!


Purple Punch Strain Cannabis purple bed

Not Ready For Purple Punch? Try Hitting Some Hemp! 

You should have plenty of pot experience before hitting a strain like Purple Punch. Inexperienced users commonly report adverse side effects when smoking hybrids like Purple Punch for the first time. For a more enjoyable smoking session, new tokers are better off hitting low-THC hemp hybrids. 

To make it easy for you to choose the best hemp nugs, Cannaflower now offers special “Collections” boxes. Each of these products contains hand-picked CBD hybrids tailored to specific uses. For instance, our “Rest” Collection is ideal for late-day use, similar to Purple Punch. If you’re new to CBD hemp, we’d recommend checking out our Effects boxes on this link.

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