Blue Cookies is a darling weed strain in the indica-heavy dessert category. Although cannabis experts don’t know much about this hybrid’s history, there’s no question people have fallen head-over-heels for its sugary-sweet aromatics and soothing effects. 

With average THC above 25 percent and indica percentages as high as 90, Blue Cookies is a “dream strain” for those struggling with stress, restless thoughts, or sleep issues. People who are most interested in body-heavy “stoner” effects will be right at home with some fruity Blue Cookies buds.

Blue Cookies Strain Summary

  • Supposedly created in Washington State. 
  • Likely a mix of Blueberry and GSC.
  • Indica-to-sativa ratio of 90/10.
  • THC concentration of ~ 25 percent. 
  • CBD levels of 1 – 2 percent.
  • Cannabis Cup-winner in the “Medical Marijuana” category.
Blue Cookies Bud

Blue Cookies Strain Origins

As mentioned in the introduction, there is a great deal is known about Blue Cookies’ origins. In fact, there are still many debates over what strains helped create this hybrid. 

While this strain’s name suggests a combination of Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies, some people contend more exotic strains like Florida OG or Durban Poison are a part of this hybrid. However, considering Blue Cookies’ high indica edge and Durban Poison’s pure sativa concentration, the Blueberry x GSC theory seems more plausible. 

We may never know the full backstory of Blue Cookies, but there’s no doubting its high THC and indica percentages. Not every Blue Cookies strain is 90 percent indica, but it’s rare to find a cultivar with an indica score below 70 percent. Likewise, most well-cured Blue Cookies buds will have THC concentrations above 25 percent. 

Interestingly, Blue Cookies is one of the few THC-heavy strains with noteworthy traces of the non-psychoactive CBD. While this CBD percentage rarely goes above 2 percent, that’s more than you’ll find in many marijuana strains. It may also be why Blue Cookies has a solid reputation in the medical marijuana community.

Although Blue Cookies usually has some CBD, it’s not the best choice for beginners. This strain’s high THC concentration tends to drown out the mild, non-intoxicating effects of CBD. People who want a less intense experience should start with a CBD-rich hemp strain from Cannaflower.

Blue Cookies Strain Flavor

Blue Cookies Strain Flavor

It’s questionable whether the blue-fur Cookie Monster would enjoy Blue Cookies buds, but they’re probably sweet enough for this Sesame Street native’s sweet tooth. People often describe Blue Cookies as having a sugary scent that’s accented by berry, citrus, and pine. The flavor of Blue Cookies is similar, with hints of dough, grape, and skunk.

Blue Cookies Strain Effects

Blue Cookies isn’t a full-bred indica, but tokers should expect similar effects to indica-heavy strains. Initially, Blue Cookies may induce a slight head-buzz euphoria, but these effects will morph into a “stoned” body-heavy sensation.

Users typically feel immobilized after just a few hits of Blue Cookies, which is excellent news for diffusing tension and getting folks ready for bed. However, please don’t expect to get any significant work accomplished after taking your first draw of Blue Cookies nugs.


Blue Cookies Relaxation

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Blue Cookies may have a fantastic reputation in the medical marijuana community, but inexperienced tokers often find this strain too “heavy” for their needs. People sensitive to THC probably won’t experience the relaxing effects people with a high THC tolerance get from Blue Cookies buds.
The easiest way to mimic Blue Cookies’ effects without ingesting tons of THC is to try a CBD-rich hemp strain. Since Cannaflower’s hemp buds have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC, there’s no risk of feeling “high” after smoking them. Instead, Cannaflower’s CBD indica strains help soothe your mind without the risk of dizziness, paranoia, or hallucinations.

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