During the past three decades, Sour Diesel, aka Sour D, has become one of the world’s most iconic sativa-dominant strains. If you hand an experienced herb connoisseur a Sour Diesel bud and play “name-that-strain,” odds are they’ll be able to identify it. Sour D plants produce mixed green buds with rusty orange pistils and an evenly dispersed trichome layer. Between its appearance and pungent skunky aroma, Sour Diesel screams classic cannabis.

Sour Diesel Strain Summary

  • A cross between Super Skunk and Chemdog 91
  • 70:30 sativa-to-indica ratio
  • Averages around 22% THC
  • Dominant terpenes: myrcene, limonene, pinene, beta-caryophyllene, alpha-bisabolol
  • Sour Diesel won the bronze medal in High Times’ Best Strains of All Time Olympics.
Sour Diesel Strain Summary

Sour Diesel Strain Origins

Legend has it that Sour Diesel first emerged during the Grateful Dead’s 1991 tour. From there, Sour D ended up on the East Coast, where it became a popular luxury strain, selling for $50/gram in New York City clubs.

What Does Sour Diesel Taste and Smell Like?

What Does Sour Diesel Taste and Smell Like?

Sour Diesel’s appeal begins with its potent gassy aroma. This isn’t a strain you want to try to smoke on the sly, and indoor growers may want to add an extra filter during flowering time.

Vaping or smoking Sour D offers strong lemon and orange zest flavors with hints of spicy black pepper and cinnamon. If you’re using a dry herb vaporizer, experiment with different temperatures to experience the complete range of Sour D terpenes.

How Does Smoking Sour Diesel Feel?

How Does Smoking Sour Diesel Feel?

If you’re searching for a tasty smoke to accompany or even replace your morning coffee, look no further than Sour Diesel. The strain uplifts the spirits, enhances the imagination, and provides long-lasting energy to complete important projects. Sour D also makes the perfect cure for that mid-afternoon or post-meal slump. However, although Sour Diesel is sativa-dominant, high levels of alpha-bisabolol add a touch of calm to the overall effect.


Sour Diesel Replaces morning coffee

Before Filling Your Tank with Sour Diesel, Try Cannaflower’s Sour Dog Low-THC Hemp Flower! 

Unfortunately, the original Sour Diesel strain can be overwhelming for beginners. Some of the stronger cultivars contain up to 26% THC and may produce adverse effects like anxiety and paranoia after only one or two puffs.

Cannaflower’s sun-grown Sour Dog has an appearance, aroma, and flavor that could fool even the most discerning cannabis fan into thinking it’s Sour Diesel. The two terpene profiles are almost identical, but you won’t need to worry about any unwanted psychoactive effects with Sour Dog CBD flower. All of Cannaflower’s hemp flower strains contain less than .3% THC and are 100% federally legal.

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