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CBD News

From American Eagle to the FDA: Get the Best of Your CBD News with These Top 7 Stories

Get the best of CBD News for July 2019. As the peak of summer heats up, we are hot on the beat for sizzling breaking CBD news. Dive in and get the latest in the hemp industry with these 7 stories.

CBD News #1: Energy Firm Diversifies with CBD

CBD News - Prerolls

The UK-based energy group Highlands Natural Resources is launching its own line of CBD-infused products to cash in on the hemp flower boom. They plan to introduce pre-roll CBD cigarettes that are infused with CBD along with regular hemp flower on June 17th. They will be sold in convenience stores in Colorado to start. Highlands Natural Resources plans to diversify from gas to grass to capitalize on the growing CBD market.

CBD News #2: Farmers Swap Tobacco for Hemp Plants

A shift is also happening in North Carolina. Farmers in the state are transitioning away from growing tobacco to begin growing hemp. Legal since 2014, hemp products have become even more attractive as a crop with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which aimed to promote hemp flower cultivation. Farmers in the state are currently at a disadvantage, as they have to go through a complicated process of third-party testing for cannabinoids, and are then charged per pound, based on the amount of cannabinoid present in the flowers. A bloc of hemp growers in the area aim to change that process to make growing and selling hemp plants easier.

CBD News #3: Hemp Flowers and Quitting Smoking

Many people are swapping out traditional tobacco cigarettes for hemp flower prerolls, and are enjoying the experience. Because a CBD cigarette simulates the relaxation of pausing from work to go outside, along with focused inhalation and exhalation, CBD smokes are a welcome substitute. It’s possible that this change can help many users who are addicted to traditional cigarettes make a healthier choice with smokable CBD buds.

CBD News #4: Christian Book Distributors Rebrand after CBD Confusion

The company Christian Book Distributors recently changed their name to Christianbook amid confusion over the companies initials. The company, which used to operate under the domain, didn’t even show up on front page search results for CBD. With the rise of the CBD industry in the past few years, Christianbook had reportedly been receiving calls and inquiries from customers looking for cannabidiol, rather than the Bibles, music, and books the company sells.

CBD News #5: FDA Expedites Work on CBD

Dr. Amy Abernethy, Principal Deputy Commissioner, and acting CIO of the FDA recently announced on Twitter that the FDA is expediting their work on addressing CBD. This is exciting news for hemp farmers and other stakeholders in the hemp/CBD industry. The FDA is opening an open public docket for comments and plans to report on their progress at the end of the summer/beginning of the fall.

CBD News #6: CBD Invests in Soda

We constantly hear about soda/beverage companies investing in CBD. However, in a turn of events, the hemp portfolio/cannabis investment company Sol Global Investments increased its ownership stake to 25% in Jones Soda. Using the new investment money, Jones is reportedly working on creating a line of CBD-infused beverages.

CBD News #7: American Eagle Plans to Sell CBD

CBD News - American Eagle

Clothing retailer American Eagle Outfitters is reportedly getting into the CBD industry. Ohio-based Green Growth Brands announced that they’ve struck a deal with American Eagle to sell its products in nearly half of all their stores, which are expected to begin early October.

This announcement marks Green Growth’s third major wholesale deal, the other two with Abercrombie & Fitch and DSW. Although consumer interest in CBD is booming, many other large retailers are choosing to stay on the sidelines until the FDA reaches a conclusion.

That’s a wrap for now on some hot CBD stories. As always, we push for excellence in bringing you the latest and most vital information on CBD. We want our readers to feel informed, and supported with the best in news and in premium CBD hemp flower.

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