As the cannabis industry expands, many customers are finding what aligns best with their personal goals. Low-THC, high-CBD cannabis has risen in demand for its reported effects in reducing anxiety, elevating calm, and bringing a sense of balance to customers. While many chose to smoke, this delivery method might not be medically advised or personally convenient for some. This is where the wild world of CBD edibles comes in. From cookies, brownies, and dancing bears, this sweet landscape’s variety rivals images from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Finding safe and effective treats is vital. Choosing the best products in low-THC cannabis edibles means becoming a highly educated consumer. For this piece, we will focus on CBD Gummies. We encourage learning from a variety of sources, but to get you started, we’ve provided this article as an introduction to the world of these soft and enticing treats.

CBD Gummies a Summary

CBD Gummies: A Summary

• Edibles first appeared in U.S. popular culture in ‘The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book’.

• Recipes for low-THC, high-CBD Gummies began to rise in popularity after 2005 and sky-rocketed after the 2018 Farm Bill.

• CBD Gummies that contain less than 0.3% THC are legal on a federal level (while the legalities may differ State by State).

• Individuals do not need a prescription to purchase CBD Gummies.

• While not as effective as smoking, CBD edibles continue to rise as one of the most popular product categories in the cannabis industry.

What Are CBD Gummies?

Often made with gelatin, CBD Gummies are edibles that highlight cannabidiol (CBD) as an active ingredient. If you’re reading this from our Cannaflower blog, you’re likely familiar with cannabidiol (CBD), and the Farm Bill that passed in 2018 making it federally legal. With CBD, there are over 80 other cannabinoids in cannabis, including Delta-9 THC. Many find that their bodies respond differently to THC and CBD. Gummies can be made with any combination of these cannabinoids, so it is always important to know which type of Gummy you are purchasing.
With a large selection on the market, one can buy from a rainbow of colors in CBD Gummies as well as many different shapes. Their availability, as well as ease of use (what’s more fun than a soft and sugary sweet?), means that the popularity of Gummies has soared and doesn’t appear to be coming down anytime soon. This rise in demand also means that oversight and regulation can vary wildly. It’s imperative that consumers buy from brands that they trust.

What are CBD Gummies

What Do These Treats Do?

Individuals have shared a whole host of benefits from enjoying CBD Gummies. Be wary of snake-oil claims that CBD can treat everything and anything. Indeed, few things can replicate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and regular guidance from a Doctor. It’s essential to examine empirically grounded research and how these findings may align with your personal goals.

Do CBD Gummies Help with Depression?

Many individuals suffer from a chemical imbalance that results in chronic depression. While the duration and extent may vary, the experience of being clinically depressed can be truly devastating and dangerous. A study printed in the British Journal of Pharmacology revealed that CBD played a role in activating areas in the brain that alleviated symptoms of depression. Further, the study indicated that CBD enabled an improved stress response and a positive adaptation to anxiety.

CBD Gummies and Anxiety

Speaking of anxiety, the world since COVID has experienced unparalleled levels of anxiety. A study from the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry reported an experiment with a very common anxiety-producing scenario: public speaking. Their results revealed that high levels of CBD produced a calming response to public speaking. While we aren’t recommending that you find a soapbox after tasting a few Gummies, these treats may allow you to exhale a little easier before walking into that Summer BBQ or social gathering.

Can CBD Gummies Help with Opioid Addiction?

Many lives are damaged and lost through opioid addiction. Finding a solution to this tragic problem goes beyond the scope of a single confection. The solution, it appears, must come from a comprehensive and support-driven structure. With this, interesting findings emerged to see if CBD may play a role in this support model. 

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai conducted a study to find the benefits inherent in opioid replacement therapies. CBD was found to reduce craving as well as reduce stress for trial participants. The process of getting clean from opioids involves high levels of anxiety and very tangible experiences of pain (expressed in high cortisol levels). With this evidence showing that CBD alleviates the discomfort of withdrawal, there can be a bit of hope for those affected by this staggering addiction.

CBD Gummies Opioid Addiction

Will CBD Gummies Alleviate Chronic Pain?

Living with any type of pain can feel so debilitating. Suffering, or loving someone who navigates chronic pain, can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Post-surgical recovery, lasting injuries, and disease are a few of the reasons that individuals seek support in pain management. Many do not like the long-term effects of prescription drugs and have sought to incorporate CBD into their regime. 

While new research continues to develop, there have been studies in Canada as well as in the United States showing a correlation between CBD and chronic pain relief. Reported freedom from constant aches and deep discomfort may have people want to stock up on their Gummy supply. We urge each individual to consult with their medical professional before augmenting their pain-management schedule.

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

As so many different brands exist on the market, one should consider several factors in calculating what amount of CBD Gummies works best for them. Indeed, every brand of Gummies includes slightly different ingredients and potentially slightly different ratios of cannabidiol within each treat. Further, the purity and potency depend upon the isolating or extracting method for CBD.

Beyond the Gummy itself, every individual is different. Each person processes cannabinoids with their own distinct metabolism. While one may consume 10mg of CBD and feel effects, another may find that they respond more positively to 25mg. The Department of Scientific Affairs in Boston reported a study that found levels between 25 to 100mg of CBD to be a safe range for most individuals.

Finally, the duration of effects may also vary widely between individuals. A general rule of thumb is to begin small, then wait for 1 to 2 hours to assess how your body has responded. This process tends to reveal information as to whether an increase or decrease in amount may align better for one’s specific goals.

How many Gummies CBD should I eat?

Are CBD Gummies Legal?

CBD Gummies are federally legal in all 50 states. The 2018 Farm Bill outlined that hemp-derived CBD products are fully legal as long as each product contains less than 0.3% THC (Delta-9 THC) by dry weight. It is important to note that while this legislation legalized the cultivation, distribution, processing, transport, and sale of CBD some individual state legislation may be a bit more complicated.

State rights and federal laws constantly challenge and evoke tremendous debate in the United States. This balance does stand as one of the greatest creations and compromises that shaped the United States government. While there are many powerful examples, where the legality of CBD stands certainly brings this to light. With the 2018 Farm Bill making CBD legal federally, some states aligned with this change, while some states created their own legislation making some sales and uses of certain CBD products illegal. This is why is it vital to remain up to date on any changes and recent legislation within your home state. If you are curious and want to find out more, check out our state guides.

Will CBD Gummies Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

Occasionally, drug tests are unavoidable. Questions often arise regarding any cannabis product, including CBD Gummies, and if they will produce a positive result. A study from Johns Hopkins published in their Journal of Analytical Toxicology shared that pure CBD is unlikely to be detected on a test. While this may be heartening, it’s important to be informed so that each person can plan what is best for their health and their goals.

Drug tests can be a hurdle to jump for several reasons. Many employers will use a drug screening as a condition of employment. Organized sports often include testing as a part of their participation. Depending on the scope of the situation, the justice system may utilize a test as a part of a court case or police investigation. Also, if a doctor has prescribed a series of drugs for pain management, they may screen their clients to assess how their bodies tolerate the levels of each drug.

The most frequently used drug tests are through saliva and urine. The method and the scope of each test may vary substantially. One test may be looking for single metabolites of cannabis; whereas, another test may screen for a broad range of chemicals. For an individual, it may be difficult to anticipate what their drug test will be detecting.

CBD Gummies and fail drug test

With this unknown, it is important to understand one’s own metabolism and timing regarding CBD. As everyone has different body compositions and metabolisms, the results of a drug test may vary from person to person. Cannabinoids can be stored in the fat cells, and as a person moves or exercises, these cells release their metabolites into the kidneys. While one person may test clean two days after having CBG Gummies, it may take another person a week or more.

What further complicates the results of a drug test may be the actual practices of individual companies. Without regulation, many brands may market their products as having federally legal amounts of THC; however, this might not be the case. Sadly, there are Gummies sold with misleading claims, hidden ingredients, and misrepresented levels of THC.

Where Can I Buy CBD Gummies Near Me?

After reading up on some of the basics of these edibles, one may be wondering where the best place to purchase them would be. Local dispensaries may be a good choice; however, not every local shop carries low-THC, high CBD Gummies. This is important as the legality changes with Gummies that contain any levels higher than 0.3% THC (Delta-9 THC). With this, not every local shop will carry products that have third-party tested Gummies with available COAs. This is important as occasionally customers will have to verify with authorities that the sweet treats they are enjoying are indeed hemp-derived.

To avoid these potential challenges, many people choose to buy their CBD Gummies online. Not only does this allow for secure checkouts and discreet shipping, but buying online allows customers more freedom in choosing brands that present transparency in products, ingredients, and delivery.

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