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CBD Consumer

It’s important to be a well informed CBD consumer. Especially when it comes to purchasing CBD and CBG rich hemp products online. Read our blog to get the latest news about smokable CBD products.

reasons to smoke low-thc cannabis

7 Reasons Why Low-THC Cannabis is Becoming So Popular

While people are coming to try low-THC cannabis for various reasons, they are quickly converting to loyal proponents of its phenomenal benefits. Explore this turning point in the evolution of cannabis and discover how smoking low-THC strains may enhance your experience.

Cannaflower Girl Smoking Hemp Prerolls

Hemp Pre-Rolls: If You Haven’t Tried Them You’re Missing Out

Hemp pre-rolls are taking center stage for good reason. There’s nothing like the richness and character that warms the mouth from a pull off of a perfectly rolled pre-roll. The taste and tranquility from such an iconic smoking experience remains unrivaled. Find out how hemp pre-rolls continue to surge in popularity for their refinement and potent capacities.

Indica Smoking Featured

The Many Benefits Of Smoking Indica-Dominant Hemp Flower

While a basic understanding of cannabis may introduce the “indica vs. sativa” distinction, many truly don’t know the history and details between these categories. Learn the growing patterns and qualities in your cultivars, and get ready to maximize your next smoke session.

Benefits Smoking Hemp Featured

6 Benefits of Smoking Hemp Flower

Beyond the delicious and enjoyable aspects of smoking, new studies suggest some profound therapeutic benefits in lighting up your favorite flower. Discover the six ways that cannabis may enhance your life and health.

Strains for Anxiety

The Best CBD Strains for Anxiety

With anxiety peaking for many individuals, learn how high-CBD hemp flowers may assist in promoting relaxation and in coping with stress. Discover how the bliss molecule relates to cannabis and how people are finding ways to sleep well, feel calm, and smile more.