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Cannabis Plant

Cannabis comes in many forms. Here at Berkshire CBD we focus on cultivating and sourcing the highest quality Cannabis Sativa genetics that expresses high levels of CBD and CBG.

Berry Cobbler Strain Review

Berry Cobbler is a mouthwatering way to enjoy the sunset and soothe the soul. Discover this decadent secret that uplifts the spirits and calms the mind. Explore how many turn to this sweet sativa-dominant strain as an indulgent treat for all of life’s special moments.

Space Invader Lifestyle Featured

Space Invader Strain Review

Prime your ray guns and pull on your moon boots, and explore how this stellar indoor strain orbits with deep relaxation. With its calming and anti-inflammatory properties, find out why customers choose Space Invader for their cosmic companion.

Abacus Strain Review Blog Featured

Abacus Strain Review

Dive into the world of indica with this Abacus strain review. This strain is celebrated for its calming effect and sweet, spicy flavor. Explore how this strain has become a crowd favorite and discover if it aligns with your low-thc lifestyle.

low-thc cannabis featured

Low THC — Everything You Need to Know About Low THC Cannabis

As levels of stress and anxiety continue to rise, individuals are turning to low-thc cannabis for their mental and physical health. Even with its popularity, many individuals don’t understand the nuances in how low levels of thc interacts with cortisol and other stress hormones. Discover what this label really means as well as how to find a low-thc cannabis strain that aligns perfectly for your individual needs.

Organic Cannabis Featured

Why Our Hemp Flower is Grown with Organic Practices

While many companies strive to promote organically-grown cannabis, many customers are confused as to what this label exactly means. Many still believe that any cannabis grown in soil is organic. Discover what true adherence to organic practices entails, and the differences this creates in flavor, aroma, yield, and health.

CBG versus CBD

CBG vs CBD: 6 Key Benefits You Should Know

While the popularity of CBD remains unparalleled, the demand for CBG continues to rise. Still, many cannabis connoisseurs don’t know exactly what distinguishes CBG from other cannabinoids. Find out the differences for yourself and expand your experience.