The Gelato strain is Cali’s take on Italy’s delizioso dairy treat. Sweet, creamy, and fruity, this well-balanced hybrid tastes similar to a cup of cold ice cream—except with extra earthiness! While you won’t get “brain freeze” smoking Gelato, there’s a good chance you’ll feel a sativa “brain buzz” tempered by an equally potent indica high. The mix of sugary terpenes and high THC make Gelato an undeniable force in the competitive dessert hybrid market.

Gelato Strain Review fun

Gelato Strain Summary

  • Created in the Bay Area by Mr. Sherbinski. 
  • Mix of Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet. 
  • 55/45 indica-to-sativa ratio.
  • Average THC content of 20 – 25 percent.
  • 2018’s “Leafly Strain of the Year” winner.

Gelato Origins

There’s little doubt the Bay Area cultivator Mr. Sherbinski played a crucial role in crafting the first Gelato hybrid. Almost all accounts of Gelato’s origins claim it’s a mix of two equally famous sweet strains: Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet. These parents give Gelato a slight indica edge with average THC content in the 20 percent range. 

Shortly after Gelato’s creation, loads of descendants and phenotypes hit the cannabis market. Indeed, Gelato has become so popular that it’s getting difficult to keep track of the original genotype! A few successful offshoots of Gelato include Mochi Gelato, Gelato Glue, and Ice Cream Cake. 

Although Gelato has a fine mix of sativa and indica effects, it’s not a beginner-friendly strain. New users should never discount Gelato’s pronounced THC concentration, which is typically above 20 percent. The best way for new tokers to experience Gelato’s terpenes is to look for a comparable CBD-rich strain. For instance, Cannaflower now offers the rare hybrid Gelato Sunset in our low-THC flower catalog. To find out more about this gorgeous Gelato-themed strain, please check out this link.

Gelato Strain Origins

What Does Gelato Look Like?

Gelato buds tend to have a dense, “indica-like” structure with a heavy blanket of shimmering trichomes. While Gelato’s flowers are primarily dark green, these buds could have a pinch of purple coloration and vivid orange pistils. 

Just bear in mind: Gelato nugs aren’t the biggest in the cannabis world. However, thanks to this strain’s incredible potency, a little Gelato goes a long way!

Gelato’s Flavors & Aromas

As one of Cali’s dominant dessert strains, Gelato has an unmistakably saccharine flavor profile. Remarkably, this strain also has a smooth mouthfeel that mimics a cup of frozen dairy. Other typical flavors ascribed to Gelato include vanilla bean, berries, and orange. Some users may even detect subtle hints of the floral terpene linalool as they gain more experience with Gelato.

Gelato Strain Flavors and Aromas

How Does Smoking Gelato Feel? 

Some tests suggest Gelato has a slight indica edge, but that doesn’t play out in this strain’s standard effects. Indeed, many cannabis fans claim Gelato is their go-to daytime hybrid. 

The sativa head-buzz is perfectly complemented by an indica body-heavy experience. Since both of these effects are evenly matched, Gelato is neither classified as extremely energizing nor sedating. Instead, experienced tokers enjoy a mix of effects that helps keep them mellow and motivated throughout the day.


Gelato Strain Review Effects

Find Sugary Sweet CBD In Cannaflower’s Smokable Hemp Catalog

Gelato may be the darling strain on Cali’s dessert scene, but that doesn’t mean CBD cultivators don’t have a sweet tooth! If you can’t handle the high THC in strains like Gelato, there are plenty of legal hemp alternatives on Cannaflower. In fact, Cannaflower now offers CBD renditions on Gelato-inspired hybrids, including Rainbow Sherbet, Gelato Sunset, and Orange Glaze.To learn more about all the tantalizing terpenes in our artisan-grade hemp flowers, you’ve got to check out this webpage.

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