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The Cannaflower CBD Blog

Elevate your Cannaflower experience. Explore the innovation and latest news in the cannabis industry. We showcase low-THC culture, cultivation, and recent trends for our discerning audience.

How To Cure CBD Hemp

A Guide to Curing CBD Hemp

Knowing how to cure your CBD hemp is the first step in become a curing master. Soon you’ll be enjoying your hemp or marijuana flower – with the perfect cure!

Jars Cannabis

The Best Storage for Cannabis

Although many people store cannabis flower in plastic bags, discover the best storage for you flower. You invest in the best CBD products, now learn how to keep them pristine!

Growing CBD Rich Hemp Flower

2 Tips for Growing CBD Rich Hemp

You’ve researched, sampled, and now it’s time to start growing CBD on your own! We are here for you with the two most powerful tips that will help elevate your crop and maximize your harvest. Get ready for a great hemp season.

Cannabis Vermont Featured

Vermont’s Top CBD Hemp Strains

With groundbreaking legislation decriminalizing the cannabis plant at the Federal level, customers can celebrate. Explore the most popular strains from Vermont as legalization makes a lasting impact for farmers and consumers alike.

Is CBD Flower Legal

Hemp Is Legal – Discover How You Get Arrested for It

Because flower forms of marijuana and industrial hemp are so similar, a lot of confusion can arise by using hemp flower. True, it’s legal, but CBD-rich hemp flower is almost identical to THC rich marijuana. Many of the cannabinoids and terpenes remain the same for each, with the exception of THC. When smoked or vaped, the aroma is identical.