Ever since the Birthday Cake hybrid hit weed dispensaries, finding a B-day gift for cannabis fans became a no-brainer! As its name suggests, Birthday Cake is a dessert strain that draws most of its genetics from the iconic Girl Scout Cookie (GSC) lineage. While many are drawn to Birthday Cake’s vanilla aromatics, they also rave about this strain’s sociable and sedative effects. People looking for a sweet “celebration smoke” will find something to love in Birthday Cake nugs.

Birthday Cake Overview

  • Bred by Seed Junky Genetics 
  • Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Cherry Pie
  • Average THC content: 20 – 24% 
  • Average CBD content: ≤ 0%
  • 50/50 Indica-to-Sativa Ratio 
  • Average Terpenes: Myrcene, alpha-pinene, and beta-caryophyllene
Birthday Cake Overview

The Birthday Cake Strain’s Origins

It’s still unclear which cannabis seed bank deserves credit for developing the Birthday Cake hybrid. A few sources suggest Colorado’s Aficionados of Cannabis Seed Bank (ACSB) is behind this strain, but most reports claim California’s Seed Junky Genetics launched Birthday Cake. However, since Birthday Cake has strong traces of SoCal’s GSC strain, it makes more sense that it originated in the Golden State. Along with GSC, Birthday Cake has genetics from the fruity indica-forward strain Cherry Pie. The GSC and Cherry Pie blend gives Birthday Cake a fairly balanced indica-to-sativa ratio and average THC rankings well above the 20% range. Anyone not used to high THC strains should focus on Cannaflower’s dessert hemp hybrids (e.g., Jumble Cookie CBD) to avoid the risk of paranoia. High-CBD flowers taste similar to traditional cannabis strains but have minimal psychoactive effects on users.

Birthday Cake Origins

Average Taste And Aromatics For Birthday Cake

Unquestionably, vanilla bean is the most distinctive flavor in Birthday Cake’s terpene profile. While smoking Birthday Cake won’t exactly feel like slurping vanilla frosting, many users report a noticeably sweet and creamy experience. It’s also common for Birthday Cake smokers to detect faint nutty notes and even a pinch of cake batter. 

However, it’s crucial to remember Birthday Cake’s parent GSC has a strong allegiance to the Kush family. Anyone familiar with Kush cannabis cultivars knows these strains have heavy traces of skunk, earth, and spice. Therefore, people who pick up the Birthday Cake hybrid shouldn’t expect a full-on “sweetness overload.” The vanilla and cream flavors in Birthday Cake are well complemented with hashy, skunky, and woodsy terpenes.

Birthday Cake Flavor

What Are Birthday Cakes Standard Effects?

Birthday Cake is often listed as a 50/50 hybrid, but most users claim it leans on the indica side of the spectrum. Initially, people often report Birthday Cake gives them a “head buzz” sensation that’s great for sociability in party settings. As the euphoria gradually fades, however, Birthday Cake’s high transforms into a standard indica “couchlock” experience. Tokers often feel drowsy and mellow after using the Birthday Cake strain for a few minutes. In fact, it’s common for people to use Birthday Cake to combat restlessness and insomnia. Some users also claim the body-heavy sensation from Birthday Cake helps ease common aches and pains. 

So, even though Birthday Cake may technically be an even-balanced hybrid, it’s always best to use this strain later in the day. Although many people take Birthday Cake before bed, it’s possible to use it in a small party setting to great effect. Tokers have to be careful not to take too much Birthday Cake if they want to remain sociable for a few hours. The less Birthday Cake people smoke, the higher odds the euphoric buzz will linger longer.


Birthday Cake Effects
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Side Effects Associated With Birthday Cake 

Because Birthday Cake is a well-balanced hybrid, it doesn’t appear to carry a high risk for paranoia. Indeed, many people who use Birthday Cake take it to ease symptoms of anxiety and stress. That being said, it’s still possible for people to experience panic attacks when taking Birthday Cake, especially if they have a low tolerance to THC. With an average THC percentage above 20%, Birthday Cake isn’t an ideal choice for those who’ve never tried cannabis before. Also, although the sativa genetics aren’t exceptionally high, it can still make people feel paranoid or “on edge.” Please keep in mind the traditional Birthday Cake strain has virtually zero CBD. Multiple studies strongly suggest CBD helps counter THC’s psychoactive effects. Plus, it appears CBD has non-psychedelic anti-stress properties of its own. People who can’t tolerate THC or don’t want a psychoactive experience should focus on hemp hybrids like those on Cannaflower. There are dozens of high-quality hemp strains with similar flavors to Birthday Cake and ≤ 0.3% delta-9 THC. With a high-CBD hemp strain, there’s a far lower risk people will feel jittery or paranoid after smoking or vaping their flowers.

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