Microdosing THC isn’t as simple as it seems. Your unique physiology and your hemp strain’s genetics will play complex roles influencing how THC gets absorbed. Plus, since microdosing THC is such a novel therapy, there’s not much scientific data on “proper techniques.”

However, there are a few key factors everyone new to THC microdosing should consider. Keeping these factors in mind should make building your perfect THC microdosing schedule easier. 

Getting started with microdosing thc weed

What’s The Best Extract For Microdosing THC? — Choosing The Right Product

When first exploring how to microdose THC, it’s critical to review the various products now available. True, THC’s molecular structure remains the same no matter which item it’s in. However, there are significant differences between various THC-containing products. 

For instance, people who take THC capsules or edibles will experience weaker effects versus vape juices and flowers. Why? Because THC gummies and pills take longer to enter the bloodstream.

By contrast, smokable hemp flowers and vape juices travel to the lungs within seconds. Any cannabinoids and terpenes you inhale go straight into your bloodstream. That’s why tokers notice profound effects just a few moments after using one of these products. 

The downside with all of the methods listed above is imprecise dosing. 

As you could imagine, getting an accurate read on how much THC you’re taking each day is a big deal for “microdosers!”

What's The Best Extract For Microdosing THC? — Choosing The Right Product

While you could get “guesstimates” with edibles or capsules, it’s nearly impossible to gauge how much of the posted THC works into your bloodstream. As we hinted above, the liver will break down much of this cannabinoid before going through the digestive tract.

As for flowers and vape carts, it’s even more difficult to gauge how many milligrams of THC you’re getting per hit. Microdosers who use either of these methods must be disciplined in how long they draw each particular strain. 

Arguably, hemp tinctures are the most “microdosing-friendly” items for customers. While you could use other products to significant effect, THC-containing tinctures are the easiest to dose with specificity. 

After measuring your preferred amount of THC in a dropper, place the liquid under your tongue for about 30 seconds and then swallow. This “sublingual method” allows your body to absorb virtually 100 percent of your chosen extract.

Although tinctures are preferred in the THC microdosing community, that doesn’t mean you must use them. If you’re a fan of slower-acting effects, try edibles or capsules. For those who prefer potent hits, try hemp flowers or vape juices. 

Before figuring out your dosing strategy, just be sure you know how each product differs. Also, no matter which THC extract you use, please always use less than you think you need, especially for the first few days. 

choice and method to microdose thc weed

What Secondary Factors Could Influence THC Microdosing?

After customers choose which hemp extract to buy, they need to consider secondary factors influencing their experience. Most significantly, new users should consider how their body type may influence the THC experience.  

Generally speaking, the heavier and older you are, the more THC you’ll need to feel an effect. Also, people with a slower metabolism won’t absorb THC as efficiently as other users. Therefore, if you have these three factors, your THC microdose may be less “micro” than a skinny young adult. 

Again, there’s no precise science behind figuring out a THC microdosing schedule. However, it’s well known that genetics, age, and body structure can affect cannabinoid absorption. 

At the very least, it’s worth keeping these factors in mind while experimenting with THC microdosing.

Factors affecting microdosing thc weed

It’s Not All About THC! — Don’t Forget About Terpenes & CBD

As you’re troubleshooting THC microdosing, please don’t forget this cannabinoid has unique interactions with other hemp cannabinoids. 

Most significantly, THC has an antagonistic relationship with CBD. The more CBD a strain has, the less likely THC will have a significant psychological impact. In fact, many THC-sensitive patients deliberately use high-CBD strains to taper THC’s psychoactivity. 

Customers should also evaluate the physiological effects associated with the most popular hemp terpenes. Although terpenes are best known for giving strains their unique flavors, they can influence how a hemp flower makes users feel. 

There’s a lot of exciting research into a phenomenon called the “entourage effect.” According to this theory, hemp cannabinoids and terpenes work together to produce the most substantial effects. 

Using the “right” combination of terpenes with your low-THC strain could significantly alter its effectiveness. For instance, strains with a lot of myrcene are associated with sleep, whereas the terpene limonene is often found in uplifting strains.
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The entourage effect in microdosing weed thc

Bottom Line: How Much THC Should People Microdose With?

So, you’ve considered the factors above, and now you’re wondering how many milligrams of THC you should take. 

While it’s impossible to give a precise dose, we’d recommend sticking with no more than 2 mg of THC on your first few days. You may need to increase this dosage at some point, but you should stick with 2 mg for about two days to get your body acclimated to this cannabinoid.

As time goes on, you could add another 1 mg of THC to your daily schedule and see how it affects you. Be sure to keep track of any noticeable effects as you start your microdosing journey.

Most medical marijuana experts claim patients do fine with about 3 – 5 mg of THC per day. However, there are cases where people may need above 10 mg of THC to achieve their intended effects.

Just remember that microdosing THC is never meant to induce psychoactive effects. So, if you start to feel “high” sensations, chances are you’re taking too much THC. Be extra cautious as you approach your THC threshold, and be sure to keep detailed notes so you know just how much THC is suitable for you. 

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