Cannabis cultivators can’t go wrong creating hybrids with Super Silver Haze. On its own, Super Silver Haze has won dozens of awards — so why wouldn’t it be an excellent template for new marijuana hybrids? Arguably, the most celebrated of Super Silver Haze’s descendants is the citrusy Super Lemon Haze. 

As the name hints, Super Lemon Haze has an extra pop of pungency compared with its primary parent strain. However, this new strain isn’t just a cheap knockoff of the celebrated Super Silver Haze cultivar. Plenty of cannabis critics agree Super Lemon Haze deserves a distinct (and highly-decorated!) place in the list of modern cannabis hybrids.

Super Lemon Haze Strain Summary

Super Lemon Haze Strain Overview

  • Most likely bred at Amsterdam’s Green House Seed Co. 
  • A mix of Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. 
  • Average THC concentration of 20 – 25 percent.
  • Average CBD content of ≤ 1 percent.
  • Indica-to-sativa ratio of 20/80 percent 
  • Winner of many High Times Cannabis Cups.
Super Lemon Haze Strain Bud

Super Lemon Haze Origins

Most accounts of Super Lemon Haze’s origins suggest it originated at the famed Amsterdam-based Green House Seed Co. Apparently, breeders started with a Super Silver Haze cultivar and crossed it with Lemon Skunk. Some marijuana fans also believe strains like Northern Lights #5 and Skunk #1 play a role, but Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk significantly influence this strain’s flavor and effects. 

When this strain started circulating in The Netherlands and the USA, it immediately became a sensation. Indeed, cannabis fans loved Super Lemon Haze so much that High Times gave it the top spot in the 2008 and 2009 Cannabis Cups. This strain also picked up a “Best Medical Sativa” award at the 2012 High Times Seattle cup.

Even though Super Lemon Haze is hailed as a “medical” strain, it has virtually no CBD. The MMJ patients who use SLH successfully already have a high THC tolerance. Ironically, beginners or anxiety patients may feel worse after smoking THC-heavy Super Lemon Haze nugs.
If customers have zero experience with cannabis, it’s far safer to start with low-THC hemp sativas. Cannaflower has plenty of CBD-rich hemp nugs that mimic Super Lemon Haze’s flavors without the risk of paranoia.

Super Lemon Haze Strain Awards

What Does Super Lemon Haze Taste Like…Besides Lemons? 

Super Lemon Haze’s aroma shouldn’t come as a surprise to tokers. If you were to close your eyes and smell these nugs, you could mistake them for fresh lemon zest. There’s no way of getting around it: Smokers who don’t like pungent aromas won’t do well with Super Lemon Haze. 

Although Super Lemon Haze’s flavor isn’t super nuanced, some tokers pick up hints of earth, spice, and pine underneath the strong sweet & citrus notes. Just be sure you’re ready for a potent blast of tart, because Super Lemon Haze doesn’t hold back in the citrus department!

How Does Super Lemon Haze Feel?

Super Lemon Haze’s effects are as intense as its flavor. However, the intensity of Super Lemon Haze rarely makes tokers want to zone out and relax. Instead, Super Lemon Haze hits users with a full-on blast of sativa stimulation. You will probably notice your temples start buzzing and your head go slightly light after one hit of well-cured Super Lemon Haze nugs.

People who have a high THC tolerance often claim Super Lemon Haze buds offer a brilliant “buzz.” Indeed, many MMJ patients rave about using SLH in the morning to overcome fatigue or a lack of motivation. However, tokers need a lot of experience with THC before testing Super Lemon Haze nugs. With average THC concentrations in the mid-20 percent range and sativa-forward effects, Super Lemon Haze could easily induce paranoia.

How Does Super Lemon Haze Feel?

Start With Citrusy CBD Strains On Cannaflower

Hemp strains like Lifter may not offer the same “sativa rush” you’d experience with Super Lemon Haze, but they’re way safer for newcomers. Many hemp hybrids on Cannaflower offer a similar citrus-forward flavor with ≤ 0.3 percent THC. The high concentrations of CBD provide a unique “clear-headed” sense of euphoria far better suited for busy work environments.

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