Originating in Northern California, Zkittlez has quickly become a signature “candy” cannabis strain. Like the similar-sounding “Skittles” hard candies, the Zkittlez hybrid oozes with sweet & sour terpenes like citrus, berry, and tropical fruit. People who love their weed with a mix of sugar and tang won’t be complaining once they get a whiff of well-cured Zkittlez weed. 

Considering how many awards Zkittlez won in recent years, it’s hard to find any cannabis fan that has an issue with this indica-forward hybrid. Although Zkittlez hasn’t been around as long as many OG strains, it has attained a “classic” status amongst today’s cannasseurs.

Zkittlez Strain Overview

Zkittlez Strain Overview

  • Created by breeders at California’s 3rd Gen Family
  • Combination of Grape Ape and Grapefruit 
  • 70/30 indica-to-sativa ratio
  • Average THC level of about 15 percent 
  • Average CBD of ≤ 1 percent 
  • Winner of multiple “Best Indica” High Times Cannabis Cups
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Zkittlez Origins

Unlike other legendary cannabis hybrids, there’s no mystery surrounding Zkittlez’s origin. Everyone agrees the legendary breeders at Northern California’s 3rd Gen Family helped develop this sweet strain’s genotype. It’s also clear that 3rd Gen Family used the hybrids Grapefruit and Grape Ape to create the first batch of Zkittlez. 

Although Grapefruit is a sativa-rich strain, most lab reports suggest Zkittlez took on a higher indica dominance thanks to Grape Ape. Test results may vary, but most Zkittlez hybrids have a 70 percent indica presence. Zkittlez isn’t as “sedating” as more established indicas (e.g., Bubba Kush), but it tends to be a better choice for nighttime tokes. 

Interestingly, cannabis tokers never seemed to mind that Zkittlez has a lower-than-average THC percentage versus other marijuana cultivars. It’s not as common to see Zkittlez hybrids with THC levels above 20 percent. In some cases, tokers may discover their Zkittlez nugs have about 15 percent THC presence. 
While 15 percent THC is a big deal for a new cannabis smoker, it’s not an earth-shattering stat for experienced cannabis users. However, this THC percentage is just enough for many influential marijuana fans. Zkittlez is one of the most decorated hybrids with a few High Times Cannabis Cups in the “Best Indica” category.

Zkittlez Strain Award

Zkittlez Strain Aroma & Flavor

Zkittlez is ideal for tokers who don’t mind getting slapped silly with sweet aromatics. As a descendant of Grape Ape and Grapefruit, you can bet there will be plenty of fresh grapes and sharp citrus aromatics. Myrcene and limonene tend to be the dominant terpenes in Zkittlez hybrids, which gives this hybrid its characteristic fruit & tart flavor profile. 

You may notice a bit of skunk, sugar, and gasoline with Zkittlez, but this strain is all about the unmissable sweet & sour foreground. People love munching on hard candies are the best fit for the Zkittlez hybrid.

Zkittlez Strain Standard Effects

Don’t let Zkittlez’s moderate THC percentage fool you. Even if you have a batch of Zkittlez nugs with ~ 15 percent THC, you will not enjoy much CBD exposure. Many users claim Zkittlez can induce slightly trippy feelings like hallucinations when abused. THC lightweights should never assume that Zkittlez is easy-peasy for beginners!

People who have a robust THC tolerance usually claim Zkittlez offers a pleasing balance of effects that veer on the indica side. While you may experience euphoria early on, the “high” tends to induce a relaxing & slightly sleepy body-heavy sensation. The more Zkittlez you take, the greater chance you’ll experience its full sedative potential. Ideally, you should only use Zkittlez later in the day when you don’t have plans to be super productive.

Zkittlez Strain Standard Effects

Smoke Zkittlez Without “Zoning Out” — Try A Few Fruity Hemp Flowers! 

Considering its relatively mild THC percentage, some new tokers assume Zkittlez is a great strain to start with. While it makes sense for inexperienced smokers to jump into weed with Zkittlez, please remember that 15 percent THC is extreme for a novice. It’s wiser for new customers to start with a CBD-rich hemp flower rather than diving into a Zkittlez cultivar.
Many low-THC hemp hybrids like Sour Space Candy share many of Zkittlez’s flavor traits. While Cannaflower’s CBD-rich hemp flowers won’t elicit the same “high” sensation, they are a safer choice for new tokers who want a stress-free smoking session.

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