Nowadays, it seems as if stress is in the air. Each year, polls suggest more people are suffering from anxiety-related conditions, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. In fact, recent Gallup polls found at least 57 percent of American and Canadian workers feel stress every day. 

Interestingly, THC could play a significant role in the future of stress management. Many people are already experimenting with microdosing THC. While there are precautions to using THC for anxiety, microdosing could help patients feel a sense of ease.

Wait, But Doesn’t THC Cause Anxiety?

Wait, But Doesn’t THC Cause Anxiety? 

The rumors are true: THC can provoke anxiety attacks. However, recent research suggests this cannabinoid has vastly different effects depending on its dosage. 

Simply put: The more THC a person takes, the greater chance it will cause symptoms like paranoia, hallucinations, or panic attacks. 

However, the converse also appears to be true. The less THC people take, the less likely they’ll experience anxiety. Some studies even suggest lower doses of THC have the most profound anti-anxiety effects. 

Scientists at the University of Illinois were pivotal in making this groundbreaking discovery. In a well-documented trial, professors gave two groups of participants different concentrations of THC. They then examined each person’s stress levels during various tests.

Fascinatingly, the people who took 7.5 mg of THC had significantly less stress than those who ate 12.5 mg capsules. In fact, most of those in the higher THC group appeared to have hallmark anxiety symptoms. People who only took 7.5 mg didn’t seem to be as affected by the stress-inducing tasks. 

This study strongly suggests that THC dosage plays a significant role in this cannabinoid’s effects. Too much THC could trigger anxiety, but a microdose may help bring much-needed stress relief.

So, How Much THC Tames Anxiety…And How Much Triggers It? 

So, How Much THC Tames Anxiety…And How Much Triggers It? 

Although University of Illinois scientists used 7.5 mg as their “THC microdose,” there’s no standard amount of THC that’s ideal for stress relief. Sure, 7.5 mg may work great for some people, but it may be too intense for others. 

A few MMJ doctors claim they only give microdosing patients 3 mg of THC per day for optimal relief. On the flip side, other people claim 10 – 15 mg of THC spread throughout the day works best for them. 

Figuring out your ideal THC microdosing strategy for anxiety will take some experimentation. For the best results, it’s a good idea to start with about 1 – 2 mg of THC per day and increase by 1 mg every other day. 

Please be sure to keep track of your daily THC consumption in a journal and write down any noticeable effects. If you start to notice your THC extract is causing a “high” sensation, then you should pause for a day and start using THC again at a lower dose. 

Remember: THC microdosing aims to provide subtle (not stoned!) relief. THC microdosers should feel functional and productive during the day. If you notice your THC dose is interfering with your productivity, then you’re going over your microdosing threshold.

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Are There Any Techniques For Microdosing THC For Anxiety?

As mentioned above, the key strategy to successfully microdosing THC is starting with the lowest dose possible. However, a few extra techniques are worth considering as you begin your microdosing journey.

For instance, many people who microdose THC for anxiety use strains with higher-than-average CBD percentages. There’s a lot of evidence that CBD also has profound effects on conditions like social anxiety disorder. 

Also, CBD seems to block THC from landing on the brain’s CB1 receptors. If these findings are valid, it could mean CBD dampens THC’s psychoactivity.

Another factor worth considering is whether you want to smoke flowers or take hemp tinctures. Each of these delivery methods has pros and cons that may work for different scenarios.

For instance, full-spectrum hemp tinctures are the most accurate products to dose. However, people who use flowers often claim that smoking hemp has the most immediate and substantial effect on the endocannabinoid system.

Therefore, you may find that smoking or vaping hemp flowers is better for acute symptom relief. While tinctures have a high absorption rate when you place them under the tongue, it may take a little bit longer for these effects to manifest. Also, when you feel the results of a tincture, they may be more sustained than a smokable hemp flower.

Since we’re in the early days of THC microdosing, you should feel comfortable experimenting with different delivery methods. You may find that different THC-containing products have better effects for different situations.

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