A good night’s sleep is almost as elusive as small-eared galagos. However, since many people complain of insomnia nowadays, it may be easier for folks to spot these rare nocturnal creatures!

Kidding aside, sleep issues can be a severe drain on your health. Without reliable, high-quality sleep, it can be nearly impossible to remain productive and positive during the day. 

Luckily for insomniacs, low-THC hemp may help with common sleep issues. Indeed, many people first get into microdosing THC for sleep-related conditions. Data published in the Sleep Foundation found at least 70 percent of cannabis users take this herb specifically for sleep. 

If you know how to match THC with complimentary hemp terpenes and cannabinoids, you could have a significantly easier time falling asleep. However, the “wrong” combination of chemicals could keep you wired all night long. Before using low-dose THC for sleep, be sure you know what strategy will have the best chance of success.

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Does THC Microdosing Work For Sleep?

Most studies that examine THC’s effect on sleep seem to be positive—at least in the short term. For instance, researchers at Palo Alto University observed THC helped improve sleep latency in PTSD sufferers. In other words, THC seemed to help people fall asleep faster than they usually would. 

However, high-THC consumption led to greater sleep disturbances over the long term. The Sleep Foundation also found that people who took more THC throughout the week had more issues with sleep. By contrast, patients who take small or infrequent doses of THC had a greater perception of sleep quality. 

So, even though THC may make patients feel tired, its highest therapeutic potential seems to be at a lower dose. Hence why THC microdosing has become so popular with sleep patients.

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What Should You Look For In Low-THC Hemp For Sleep? 

Before grabbing any of Cannaflower’s low-THC cultivars, customers should remember that THC doesn’t work in a vacuum. Sure, many reports suggest THC has sedative effects, but it can be influenced by other cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp flower.

Most notably, CBD seems to impact the body’s circadian rhythm. Unlike THC, scientists believe the more CBD a person takes, the better chance of inducing sleepiness. Therefore, strains with above-average CBD percentages may be better suited for nighttime sessions.

There are also a few cannabis terpenes that have a greater affinity with sedation. Most notably, the fruity terpene myrcene shows tremendous potential as an all-natural sleep aid. Linalool is another terpene commonly associated with sleep—which isn’t all that surprising due to its relation with lavender!

Hemp strains in the indica family often have the ideal combination of terpenes and cannabinoids for sleep. Even though our CBD hemp isn’t psychoactive, customers swear there’s a noticeable difference between sativas and indicas. You could find out more about the “indica vs. sativa debate” in this previous post

When people shop for late-night hemp nugs, we’d recommend sticking with reliable full-bred indicas in the Kush family. Cannaflower now offers hemp renditions of Bubba Kush or OG Kush, both of which have high CBD-to-THC ratios. 
To see a complete list of the best hemp hybrids for sleep, be sure to read our blog post, “CBD for Sleep.”

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Enjoy Sweet Dreams With Cannaflower’s Low-THC Nugs

Unwinding with a batch of low-THC hemp buds is a fantastic way to prime your mind for sleep. As long as you choose a high-indica strain with reliable reviews for nighttime use, you should notice soothing effects late in the day. 

We’d recommend trying one of Cannaflower’s low-THC hemp strains about 45 minutes before bedtime. To experience the full benefit of these flowers, it’s a good idea to incorporate other doctor-approved sleep health strategies. For instance, be sure to shut off all digital devices about one hour before bedtime. You could also pair Cannaflower’s low-THC nugs with melatonin-containing munchies like goji berries or cherries. 

If you’re struggling to choose one of Cannaflower’s indica CBD strains, please remember we offer special Effects packages. Whether you opt for hemp flowers, pre-rolls, or CBD oils, these unique products are expertly formulated to produce specific effects. For instance, you could use our Calm or Rest packages for anti-stress benefits. 
If you’d like more info on how to use Cannaflower’s Effects packages, please follow this link. You could also learn more tips and tricks on THC microdosing in our previous “Guide to Low-THC Microdosing.” 

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